Reviews by nintendo97


A simple entertaining platformer

nintendo97 | July 4, 2013 | Review of Storm in a Teacup - PC

You play as a guy in a teacup throughout around 50 levels that can last you about 2 hours. The controls are very good for a platformer on the PC, and the floating is done far better with the spacebar than a touchscreen. Although this game is short, I enjoyed it while it lasted.


One of my favorite indie games

nintendo97 | July 4, 2013 | Review of Anodyne - PC

I recently have been playing the classic 2d Zelda games. This game is similar to them in many ways. It even surpasses all of the handheld ones aside from Link's Awakening in creating a wonderful atmosphere to play in. It has original locations including one that looks like an apartment building! The core gameplay is simple. You explore the land, fight with you broom, and solve puzzles in dungeons. The developers are very friendly and are active in the game's online communities. The game isn't very long, but the 8 hours or so you will spend playing it make this game well worth the money.


Tower Defense at it's finest

nintendo97 | Dec. 9, 2012 | Review of Plants vs Zombies Game of the Year Edition NA - PC

This is a very fun td game in an awesome environment. The items are interesting and the enemies, although they look similar, have different abilities and become harder to beat as the game goes on. A plethora of minigames makes the game last longer. They are quite fun. This game is best played in shorter bursts, but I highly recommend it.


Poorly Made and Incomplete

nintendo97 | Dec. 9, 2012 | Review of Insecticide - PC

This is a 3D platformer which had me bored in minutes. It is not captivating at all and the platforming is some of the worst I've ever played. Shooting is repetitive and the world's blandness becomes apparent after a few minutes. I could barely make some jumps at the weird angles given, and only after many tries. To top it off, the game is incomplete and is only part one.


Fun and Annoying

nintendo97 | Dec. 9, 2012 | Review of Super Meat Boy - PC

This is a very good platformer, with short levels. Play with a controller, because without one, it is nearly impossible to win later levels and your pinky will hurt. The game is super-hard, but super-fun.


Better than the first

nintendo97 | Dec. 9, 2012 | Review of Batham Arkham City - PC

Arkham City was an easy contender for last year's GOTY. The new gadget features are brilliant and the combat is as fluid as ever. The story is top notch and the villains, especially the Joker, keep you wanting to play through to the end and beyond.


Amazing Port

nintendo97 | Dec. 8, 2012 | Review of Batman Arkham Asylum Steam - PC

I hate GFWL, but it's worth it for such a great series. The world is smaller than Arkham City, but the story is really good. The Joker is a captivating villain, just like in the comics. Buy it and play it before Arkham City. They both can stand on their own, but they're better when played in order.


Great Dreamcast Game

nintendo97 | Dec. 8, 2012 | Review of Crazy Taxi (1) - PC

I don't quite understand why the Dreamcast failed with all these great games. I understand the business reasons, but this is an amazing game. You pick up customers in your taxi and drive them to their destinations. The music is top notch and you can play it for hours. If you love games with driving at all, get this, it's one of the best on the PC.


Not the same as the old ones, but still excellent!

nintendo97 | Dec. 8, 2012 | Review of Sonic Generations - PC

I got this on PC since I don't have a 360 or PS3. The controls are a bit confusing, but once you get used to them, the game is worth it. I prefer the 2D segments, which are similar, but don't play exactly the same as the Genesis games. A decent mod community extends the life of the game. This is one of the best Sonics in years.


Fun Open World Game

nintendo97 | Dec. 8, 2012 | Review of Saints Row The Third - PC

I've never played a GTA game, but if this game is like it, I definitely want to play one. There are lots of missions, and most of them are fun. You are free to roam around as you please. I love taking down the gangs with my machine guns and penetrator. It's quite fun to play when I'm bored.


My favorite 2D Sonic

nintendo97 | Dec. 8, 2012 | Review of Sonic CD - PC

I've been waiting years for this to come out on PC, and it has Tails! The platforming is top-notch and this is quite simply one of the best Sega platformers, and possibly the best platformer not on the SNES. You can play it for hours, and you can choose the Japanese soundtrack if you desire. I've played it multiple times and it is one of the better games in my library.


Perhaps the best strategy game ever

nintendo97 | Dec. 8, 2012 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization IV Complete - PC

I picked this up at retail about 10 months ago or so. It is quite simply the best strategy game I've ever played. It beats Civilization V in so many ways. It doesn't require higher specs, so you can probably play it on a laptop. This is the perfect game to play on the go. You can play as numerous different rulers of different societies, and a huge modding community can help you to play for hundreds of hours.


Fantastic Stealth Game

nintendo97 | Dec. 8, 2012 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution (1) - PC

I got this game around a year ago. It's story is one of the most captivating in any game I've ever played. The gameplay is top-notch and it can easily last you 40 hours if you don't rush through it and complete the sidequests. It warrants a second play, with choices that change the gameplay. It is one of the best games of the generation. Do not miss Deus Ex: Human Revolution.