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Highly Recommended

ninzerb | May 5, 2013 | Review of Strike Suit Zero - PC

This game is one of the most fun I've played in a while. Flying and shooting through space while avoiding missiles and other ships is fantastic. The story is decent but doesn't stand out much. The game isn't too long but with the scoreboard and upgrades there are reasons to play the same level several times. This game is a shooter, so if you wanted to explore space this game probably wouldn't be the one. I play it with keyboard and mouse and it controls great. I didn't even decide to try it with my game-pad. The game is beautiful to look at. Unfortunately, for me at least, after flying and maneuvering for too long I start to feel dizzy. I've never been able to play for an extended period of time. Even with that I'm very happy I decided to purchase this game. I definitely thought it was worth my money.