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what a game!

noamlol2 | Nov. 20, 2015 | Review of Star Wars Battlefront - PC

the age of always online, only multiplayer shooters is upon and this is a prime example what has titanfall did to the industry battlefront 3 isn't what you would think it is it's an homage to star wars, not an actual batlefront if i were to describe it: it's a watered down hardline with star wars skin there is no campaign, the rebels don't have any ground vehicles (only air) there is very limited vehicless for the empire you have either the AT-ST or the snowspeeder, yes no maulers, no Repulsor Tanks, nada only AT-ST's ok... no levelution (destruction engine) either this game is a joke the only redeemable quality it has is the sound and design (and the graphics) everything else just... suck..


to put it simply. M&B is the best PC exclusive to date

noamlol2 | June 28, 2013 | Review of Mount and Blade Collection - PC

this strategy+FPS/TPS hack and slash/shooter is the damn best game i ever played on PC i'll make it short buy this pack, buy the napolianic wars DLC and you'll have loads of fun heres the pros and cons PROS: -innovative combat mechanics -a cool blend of strategy, hack and slash with bows and guns aswell as swords and axes -horse mechanics are one of the best on the market -MODS, lots of mods for this game -bargin price for a game that will keep you playing for more then 1000+ at least CONS -dated graphics -glitches, game bugs are present online sometimes -campaign mode is one big chore for those who prefer instant action -some balance issues between the factions