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to put it simply. M&B is the best PC exclusive to date

noamlol2 | June 28, 2013 | Review of Mount and Blade Collection

this strategy+FPS/TPS hack and slash/shooter is the damn best game i ever played on PC

i'll make it short buy this pack, buy the napolianic wars DLC and you'll have loads of fun

heres the pros and cons

PROS: -innovative combat mechanics

-a cool blend of strategy, hack and slash with bows and guns aswell as swords and axes

-horse mechanics are one of the best on the market

-MODS, lots of mods for this game

-bargin price for a game that will keep you playing for more then 1000+ at least

CONS -dated graphics

-glitches, game bugs are present online sometimes

-campaign mode is one big chore for those who prefer instant action

-some balance issues between the factions