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Great Multiplayer Lootfest!

noclip_n1nja | Aug. 23, 2012 | Review of Borderlands Game of the Year Edition - PC

There are few games that I buy twice just to have them on both console and PC, Borderlands is one of those games. This game is great fun for its addicting "If I play a bit more, I get more guns!" mechanic. The visuals of the game are certainly unique. Instead of trying to be like every other first person shooter and RPG and going for the ultra-realistic look, the game chose to be something sillier, brighter and more fun. The gameplay is very rewarding in many ways. Killing enemies is fun, and the elemental death actions are strangely satisfying. However the most rewarding aspect of the game is the gun drop system. Since all guns are randomly generated, you always have a chance to find a kick-ass gun just right around the corner, only to find an even better one just a few minutes later. Playing multiplayer also makes this game extremely fun. Players can come and jump into your game, making the enemies tougher, as well as making them drop more loot. Unfortunately, Borderlands' one main flaw is that it is an obvious port of the console version. Apart from a few extra shortcuts (such as entering your inventory right away with the i key), menu interactions are the same, and what few graphics and gameplay settings that are in the in-game menu, there are many more locked away in the game's internal files (such as v-sync and disabling mouse-smoothing).