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Best Medieval Sandbox Ever!!!

northernwatch | Nov. 22, 2013 | Review of Mount Blade Warband Steam - PC

This game is basically one of the greatest sandbox game ever created by paradox Inc. although it may seem near impossible but this is the realism of war where theres hundreds of units lining up to meet you The only thing lacking in the game are the background effects ie catapults firing from around the castle whenever theres a siege going on and flames burning the house, sadly its just a basic graphically game. The game is even better when played with mods but most of the mods doesn't quite balance the game, some makes it even harder to play while some is just made for the pure fun of a frenzy Battle. Limited options in the game since the main concept is too much of a grinding, you earn money, train recruits and gather better equipment. overall the game is not too bad although it needs a better made sequel unlike fire and sword that just plummeted the game. I expect a Modern Combat of this one in the future Paradox, like a Battlefield version.