Reviews by numanair


A decent sim for super cheap.

numanair | Dec. 26, 2012 | Review of Race 07 WTCC - PC

If you are looking for a racing sim on a budget this is the way to go. While the game is several years old, it has aged pretty well. The graphics and performance are good, even on a midrange PC. You will want to use a wheel with this game as it does have simulator physics. The tire physics are actually the main problem I have with the game. The skidding dynamics of the tires does not feel real. This inhibits powerslides and drifting, so if you are looking for a racing game to drift in, this might not be it. It is after all built as a touring car sim. Multiplayer is fun, though it took some figuring out with opening ports (the specific ports are listed on Simbin's website). Unfortunately it does not have splitscreen multiplayer. The community support is good and features a fair amount of user made content. Because Race 07 shares parts of its engine with several other games there are several mod conversions available.


If you can't decide on this one... just get it!

numanair | Dec. 9, 2012 | Review of Space Pirates And Zombies - PC

When I first heard of S.P.A.Z. I wasn't sure if I wanted to get it. I eventually bought it and am glad I did. It has a somewhat retro gameplay with modern graphics. Not many (if any) games like this are still produced. Once you really get into the gameplay you will spend hours searching out upgrades and fighting enemy fleets. It has a good enough story and the developers clearly have a sense of humor, which added to my appreciation of the game. The missions can be thoroughly challenging, so be prepared! Since its release, mod tools have been made available, which means this game will have a fair amount of replay value.