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Not like first part, but still good

ojczeo | Dec. 8, 2012 | Review of Mass Effect 2 - PC

"Mass effect" is one of my favourite games. I've finished it 4 years ago, but i still remeber characters, choices and great plot. This was great experience - i've felt like child when it watching "Star Wars" first time. So i had impatiently waited for next chapter of this great story. And when it released nothing else mattered. I finished "ME2" in one week. And i'd had mixed feelings. The game was good - but the developers change too much. This game is more similar to shooter, than RPG. And I think is disadvantage, because RPG element make gaming excellent - if your hero leveled up, you feel it. But in second part only your special abilities evolved. So, it's was impossible to fell that magic connection beetween you and your character like in first part. Shepard've became game hero, not "your" hero.