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What every open world game should be like

olay90 | April 20, 2014 | Review of Batman Arkham City Game of the Year Overflow 1 - PC

This game was truly the most captivating game in my entire game library. And that's rare. The amount of side missions you can do is ridiculous. I completed the main story and they only put there 15% completion. There are just so many other criminals to keep you busy especially Enigma which will be the most time consuming but most rewarding as there are just so many puzzles that are quite challenging. Moving on to the combat, I would its the best part of the game. It may take awhile to get use to the combat but once you got the hang of it the feeling is just priceless. The flow is so smooth during combat and just so addictive which makes me always want to fight if possible instead of going for the usual stealth takedown. I would always challenge myself to large group of enemies to see if i can fight and achieve a high combo. So that's a definite thumbs up. The gadgets are also great. They give more ways to fight or initiate your enemies. However in my opinion, I don't really use the gadgets during fights as they can be quite difficult to use because of the way the keys are set. There are just so many good key aspects that I could not possibly fit into this review but all in all this game is truly unlike no other. The amount of effort put into this game is just ridiculous and i feel like the developers should be more praised. Every part of the game is just perfect and IT IS A MUST PLAY FOR SURE.