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A great game for those who may not have even played the first 2

omfgkevin | June 13, 2013 | Review of Mass Effect 3 NA Origin - PC

For me, I have never played the first or second mass effect, but the series always received much loved praise, so I decided, why not start on the third and see a little bit for myself? The story doesn't start you off extremely confused if you haven't played the game itself (like I haven't), and it's a lot of the "apocalypse" is coming, with you trying to save the world. Although the ending was not as great (even with the update), it serves as an all right stand point to the series. What's more, the co-op is also a welcome edition to the game, increasing it's longevity by much since it affects your single player experience and also allows you to play a more traditional, kill units and survive coop game. It's fun, requires a lot of team work, and has 4 difficulties (bronze to platinum). Overall the package itself is very good, especially since the game is already a year old, and the community is still decent if you are looking for matches, and the story itself serves as a great story with lovable characters (although some disappointments may be had with some reveals of how some characters are, I'm looking at you Tali.), it's definitely worth trying, even now, especially if you can get it on a sale at around $7-$6, it's a journey that can at least soak up 20 hours of your time, if not more!