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omnigeno | Sept. 7, 2011 | Review of Deus Ex HR Augmented Edition - PC

Many ambitious games fall flat on their face. The Eidos Montreal team had their work cut out for them when they were chosen to make the amazingly ambitious follow up to the cult classic and multiple game of the year award winning Deus Ex. They delivered. Deus Ex Human Revolution is a lot of fun to play. This game makes you think - not only whether or not to kill, knock out, or sneak past your foes; not only whether or not to help certain groups achieve thier goals. Its portrayal of both the dangers and the hope brought upon by advancements in biotechnology is amazingly relevant and thought-provoking. Play this game for the great action and RPG systems; finish this game for the eerily relevant philosophy. Definitely a top 5 game of 2011.