Reviews by opatjro


Great game to play, if you enjoy stronghold 1(not crusader)

opatjro | Oct. 31, 2011 | Review of Stronghold 3 - PC

The story line is fun, the game is similar to the first stronghold. Although there is no Skirmish AI, however stronghold 1 doesn't have one as well. If you love the campaign, this is a game for you. Multiplayer mode is fun although there are lots of bugs and crashes. MP will be great when crashes issue has been fixed. Also Invasion game mode can be created with map editor, there are some community invasion game mode avaliable. The major different of this game to the first stronghold can be listed in three point. 1. peasant spawn by timer, if your peasant got killed, this will hurt your economy a lot more than stronghold 1. 2. Each building has its own square, this limited the building space, also require lot of planning about where to place each building. 3. The way wall work, the construction of wall in stronghold 3 is complicated, however I enjoy it more than the other stronghold. Personally, this game worth 50 dollars. I would advice to wait for a while until the crash has been fixed.