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orange22 | Aug. 1, 2012 | Review of Hacker Evolution - PC

This is second hacking simulator game i have played, the first one being evolution untold. And this game is simply awesome too. It teaches some things of hacking. Like I have hacked in real life lol :D. but really it's a fun game and i would recommend it! This game may seem boring to some of you and it sometimes is, but in the end it would be rewarding. So get it if you can stand the boredom.


New experience

orange22 | Aug. 1, 2012 | Review of Hacker Evolution Untold - PC

This is the first hacking game i have played and i can tell you that my mind has been blown away. It is really difficult but It's also a very interesting game. If you like thinking and different gameplay then this is the game for you. It features complex levels and commands you have to enter. Get the game today and save the world! On the PC requirements side, everyone should be able to play it.


Great FPS atmosphere!

orange22 | July 21, 2012 | Review of Metro 2033 (1) - PC

This game is totally worth getting If you are one of those gamers who really likes playing an FPS game throughout the story. It has so many well detailed elements that make you feel like you really are in action along with others in the game. You can trade guns, buy ammo and more. I won't spoil anything more here because it's best for you to play it through for best experience! Graphics are amazing too so make sure you can run it. Only downside of the game would be the performance, but if you meet the minimum requirements atleast, you should be fine.


Fun game

orange22 | July 14, 2012 | Review of Duke Nukem Forever - PC

Duke Nukem Forever is Doom with added political incorrectness, or "same old, same old" as far as the character is concerned. That's not necessarily a problem – the old adage about things not being broken is one many developers could pay more attention to – but what do you get for 15 years of patience? There are some flaws though, performance might not be the best. I, myself meet the recommended requirements and the game doesn't run very smooth.