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Brilliant and Spooky

p3pz | June 28, 2013 | Review of Alan Wake - PC

Alan Wake is a horror video game, but it feels like a novel or even a movie. The story is amazing and very clever (it's hard to explain how genius it is without spoiling any plot points). The game has some problems running on average/medium systems, as Anti Aliasing, which takes a huge toll on performance and FPS, is required at 2x (no lower). Make sure you have the rig for the game or at least know that the game won't go higher than 30-40 fps on absolute low settings with, let's say, 1 GB of VRAM. The game is in fact genuinely scaring, with a mix of cheap jump scares but also situations and levels that actually feel eerie and will push you to the edge of your seat. If I had one complaint about this amazing game, it would be that sometimes the game feels a little too action-centered (on very rare occasions); sometimes there are areas with 10+ enemies all coming at you and the objective is "survive" until, let's say, your buddy unlocks a door. These objectives don't add much to the game are not scary, only tedious.


Grand Theft Auto With a Touch of Crazy

p3pz | June 28, 2013 | Review of Saints Row The Third - PC

Despite the title of this review, Saints Row the Third bears little to no resemblance to the Grand Theft Auto series apart from being an open world crime-based video game. SR3 is an absolute blast to play, be it alongside your friends or even on your own (you can call in AI gang members if you're feeling extra lonely). You play as a member in one of the biggest and most popular "street" gangs in the city of Steelport. You spend time completing missions and earning money and a reputation and upgrade your character and gang as you go along (but I recommend the "Full Package" version of the game if you're looking for some extra "swag" at the start of the game). The game itself plays near flawlessly; I didn't encounter any major glitches or camera bugs, and the citizens of Steelport AI is also clever, ducking and running away when gang wars begin, or when you simply draw your weapon. The game plays with standard third person shooter controls, but has so much to offer that strays it far away from the genre, such as a giant purple dildo weapon used to beat people to death. NOTE: This game definitely deserves its ESRB rating of M (mature, 17+) because of its violence, sexual innuendo (and content as well), and dark but hilarious sense of humour. If you like gang and crime games but the latest entries in the genre haven't been doing it for you, this game is definitely a must-buy. It's unique in its own hilariously twisted way. ALSO NOTE that this game requires a relatively good gaming setup to run well.