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Played alpha and beta, It was super fun and enjoyable!

pRogz | Jan. 13, 2014 | Review of Rekoil - PC

I think the game is really good. This is coming from someone who loves counter-strike 1.6 and CS: GO. All I did in 1.6 was scrim with people and do matchmaking in CS:GO. People are complaining about hitboxes? They seem dead on to me, I was sprayin headshots. I know when hitboxes are messed up, a game with messed up hitboxes are cs:source. I played the alpha and beta of this game, and the devs are seem to be ALL for this game. At one point this game was slow paced, like Rainbow Six slow. Now in the beta, its a bit quicker, but it still feels VERY competive which I love! This game is very addicting and I can easily see myself trying to find scrims on IRC like in the cs 1.6 days! These reviews giving it all bad rating might be from old verisons, the reviews doesn't say so it self, so you gotta play the game to know how good it is. But these are words coming from a competive player, I like hard games. Take the time to look at my profile, check out the games I play, this will be one I play next (while playing cs of course). I'd recommend this game to everyone. Its fun, and competive like counter-strike/dota 2/natural selection 1 & 2. Hours are small cause alpha didnt record time, and the times I tried to play it, I couldn't find many people in the servers that gave me low ping (Eastern US) at the time, but there were people playing in other servers that were giving me 100 ping. Performance, it ran perfect on my PC. Its on the unreal engine, typical to expect a unreal game to play very smoothly. Im currently running a FX-8350 4.0ghz, 770 GTX... so performance may vary, but it was smooth as butter, like all competive games should be. These are differences of the game from alpha and beta.. ALPHA: BETA (which just recently closed, meaning the lastest one and the last one they will/had have?):