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Endgame Review

panzer1 | June 4, 2013 | Review of Guild Wars 2 Digital Edition NA Overflow 1 - PC

First off, leveling and combat is pretty great in GW2. but in my opinion, mmo's dont really start until you reach the endgame. the endgame is lackluster. at least in terms of traditional mmo endgame. it's no surprise, since arenanet has specifically stated GW2 wont have gear progression and the endgame is basically leveling your character to 80. this was a big mistake. there's simply nothing to do after you hit 80. to be fair, there are things to do, dungeons, fractals, WvW, etc, but there is little incentive to do anything. there are a number of dungeons, but because each dungeon rewards one specific gear set, you only farm one. and when youre done, there is no point to farm the others. there is no carrot on the stick so you lose your motivation to chase it. that is, you lose all sense of character progression, which is detrimental to an MMORPG. there are 'legendary' items, but theyre more of an achievement than anything else. they take forever to farm and in the end, dont even provide a dps upgrade from the epics. overall, it's probably worth the money for the leveling experience, but if youre looking for endgame content i would look elsewhere.


mediocre stealth/3rd person shooter

panzer1 | May 30, 2013 | Review of Hitman Absolution NA - PC

i have no idea what they were thinking when they changed everything that made hitman games fun. ill try to keep this rant-like review brief. there is no longer a point to disguises. apparently every cop knows the whole department by face; except if you pretend to look at brochures. why? is it more realistic? kind of. but that quickly goes out the window when crouching right in front of some will make you invisible. at one point i picked up a disguise with a mask, but 47 decided not to wear because that would be too easy i guess. i still dont understand what they were intending with disguises. unlike in previous titles, where the levels where complex and thought out, in absolution the levels seem unimaginative. you go through each one doing the same thing: move from cover to cover, distract guards, get disguise, sabotage something and wait for the target to have an "accident". it gets too repetitive after a while and feels mechanical. to be fair, there are some improvements. the game looks and sounds great, there's finally a cover system and there are some memorable characters. but i cant recommend this game unless you already played through the other hitman games and just need an agent 47 fix.



panzer1 | May 26, 2013 | Review of Poker Night 2 - PC

you get what you pay for here. after about 30 minutes, the banter gets annoying (especially claptrap) and you stop playing and forget you ever bought this game. lack of multiplayer really kills it for me. in any case, if you really want those "exclusive and unique" borderlands 2 and tf2 items, id say go for it.


Good, but overrated

panzer1 | May 26, 2013 | Review of BioShock Infinite NA Post - PC

If you love a great story, infinite is the game for you. But it ultimately falls short for me. The combat is horrible. I could never let this go. It is a typical FPS gallery shooter. There's little to no strategy and on hard difficulty just turns enemies into bullet sponges. Game-play is ultimately just a chore that you get through to get to the story, which in all fairness is pretty good.


A unique open world sand-box

panzer1 | May 25, 2013 | Review of Sleeping Dogs - PC

this is one of my favorite genres so it was an inta-buy for me, but i was pleasantly surprised by how good this game was. the story is not bad; kind of a typical hong kong action film plot line. the voice acting is good and the characters are as good as you expect them. the world is original and fun to explore. driving is more arcade like, which is refreshing in a game like this. and while the side missions can get repetitive, the main story is pretty is somewhat diverse. gun-play is typical, but the kung-fu hand-to-hand stuff is really fun. there are a number of different types of enemies and you have to fight each one differently; it's not just standing around waiting to counter. there are also collectible statues that you can turn in to learn new combos. the biggest flaw for me was the emphasis on gun-play. about halfway through, the game abandons the kung-fu element and just goes straight to gallery shooter. this game is a steal right now and if you like gta-style games, it is well worth the money.