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pawddy | July 8, 2013 | Review of DiRT 2 - PC

Picked this game up a few months ago for around £3 and i'm glad i did. I'd happily pay £40 after finishing the game. Great selection of cars, and the tracks are brilliant. The game looks fantastic on ultra settings too. The only downside, is that there isn't enough rally, and quite a few landrush/raid (buggy/truck) events that I never even bothered playing, but i was happy to find out that I didnt need to complete these events to unlock all events and cars (except world tours). There is only a couple of tracks, too. Seems to be 1 rally track for each country that you go to, which is disappointing. But overall, great quality game, and a must-buy for all rally fans! After playing this I'm going to buy DiRT 3!