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A fun and engrossing strategy

penddraig | Jan. 2, 2014 | Review of Crusader Kings II - PC

CKII is a marvelously engrossing game driven by characters, roleplaying, intrigue, politics, and war. Unlike other strategy games, CKII pulls you in with the stories you can tell. In CKII, you can literally tell thousands upon thousands of unique, individual tales of dominance, murder, and even love. However, CKII is still a game of grand strategy and, despite the fact it is sometimes derisively referred to as “strategy-lite”, the RPG nature of this game should not deter hardcore strategists. The hallmarks of the best strategy games are all here. You can completely ignore the roleplaying but I personally feel this adds to my strategy. CKII is an open-ended game spanning hundreds of years of European, Middle Eastern, and North African history. The game has no end goal or mission system. It is completely up to the player to create their own goals or to play with none at all. Some people find this lack of structure boring and have no idea what the “point” of the game is. Again, I point to the character-driven nature of the game. The purpose is to tell your story how you want to. On the topic of DLC, many newcomers get very confused. There are many small and large DLCs and not all are totally necessary. For a comprehensive list, you can check the forums but in general, I would recommend the Big Five: Sons of Abraham, The Old Gods, The Republic, Sword of Islam, and Legacy of Rome. All of these add brand new features and systems that really add to the game. There is also an official save game converter to port your CKII game to Europa Universalis IV (if you have it), and a fantasy one called Sunset Invasion which adds invasive technologically advanced Aztecs. Alternatively, you can not get any of these. Paradox has an awesome policy where many features from DLCs are included free in the vanilla game. I strongly recommend this game.