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penncolin89 | Oct. 4, 2012 | Review of War of the Roses - PC

This game has made sure it only tailors to a small majority of gamers. From all the reviews and videos I saw (there were few critic reviews out even by release date?) did not mention how this game was basically made for mount and blade fans. If you haven't played them before (as I hadn't) you will be lost in a game that explains nothing and has a poor fighting system. The idea is interesting, but it sparingly plays out as you hope. Most of the time you get 4 on 1 teamed up on and lose automatically because there is no sprinting or getting away. Also, if you fight against a higher level players (as many reviews lament) you will basically die because they are fully armored and the only way to hurt them is to hit them with a straight jab to the face, all the while you have little armor. It makes the fighting tedious as you circle and use the same attack button, which usually just hits armor. In 1 minute of blocking and parrying (1 on 1 fights take about as long) I hit nothing but armor. The poorly done attack system compounds the problem, as you try to swing one way but always swing a different way due to poor feedback. The archery system is well done. There are also few modes, and the single player is the worst excuse for a tutorial I have ever seen, as you just spend 15 min fighting constantly respawning enemies by yourself until you give up like I did. Most of those that play the game are mount and blade fanboys, as you can tell from 10 min into playing online. If you liked those game pick it up.