Reviews by peshmi


All you can ask for in a platformer - Tough, Smooth, and Pretty

peshmi | March 13, 2015 | Review of Dustforce - PC

To start, you will only like this game if you like challenge and victory. The game uses a ranking system, so players that don't go for A+ don't really experience the game fully. They miss the challenge, the satisfaction, and the skill. If you do like those, you'll find one of the best platformers yet. Platformers require a player, platforms, and the ability to jump. It's a genre that's existed for decades. During that time, countless games have innovated with dashes, double jumps, and combat systems. Dustforce, to me, represents the end product of merging and refining all of those. You'll find far more abilities in this than most other platformers. Some people dislike complex games in favor of simple games with superior controls and level design. In my eyes, that can only be because the complex games they've played were poorly made to begin with. In Dustforce, you require skill to use all the techniques, but you won't be overwhelmed. Rather, they will be embedded into your muscle memory through victory and failure. If there's anything you've ever worked for, you know exactly what I'm talking about. The experience of getting better can be frustrating, but the end result always makes it worthwhile. I've neglected the visuals and the music. You can see the visuals in the screenshots clearly - the game looks great. The soundtrack sounds good too. However, the visuals and music aren't just there for the sake of selling well. They have a very real purpose: to tone down the game's tough nature. Whenever I found myself stuck on a tough jump, I didn't get "I'm going to break my keyboard" mad like I would in some other games. In hindsight, I've attributed it to the visuals and music.


Great with a controller

peshmi | May 29, 2014 | Review of Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition NA - PC

I'd like to emphasize the "with a controller" part. It's still certainly playable with a keyboard and mods like DSFix definitely help, but it is ideally played with a controller. That being said, just about every part of the game is definitely good. The story and lore can be ambiguous, but the core of it is clear and there is a lot of room for interpretation and many side notes that you will not notice at first. The setting has a certain feel to it that is unique and immersive. Story serves it purpose and gives some interesting tidbits to those who want them, but the game revolves primarily around gameplay. The gameplay is fairly challenging. You will definitely die a lot and you might rage quit a few times, but never give up. It gives you everything you need and it's a learning experience.


Buying potential for a Cheaper Price

peshmi | May 11, 2014 | Review of Space Engineers - PC

This game is about relatively realistic space. The really interesting part is that you build everything from ships to space stations, then use those in combat if you want. There is multiplayer, and playing with friends is fun. A lot of physics is already implemented and there are regular updates, unlike many other early access games. At the moment, the game definitely isn't bad. It definitely seems to be coming along and at the moment, allows for a fair amount of creativity in building ships. See the steam workshop for some examples, people have made some really cool things. Survival exists, but I'll be waiting for the future of it before commenting, though again, like the game, it definitely isn't bad. It's just undeveloped. I don't think the developer will drop this. It's really coming along and I'd recommend anyone interested in building creative ships, engage in battle with said ships (or pre-made ships), and/or role-play buy this before it becomes more expensive.


Great in all Aspects

peshmi | April 15, 2014 | Review of Tomb Raider GOTY - PC

This game doesn't try anything revolutionary, it doesn't gamble. However, it has a very solid base. The graphics are great, the gameplay is ordinary but well done and fun, and the story is interesting. There are also a lot of extras that are interesting. Some inform on things such as WWII and history, which I personally found to be interesting. When compared to the original series, I am unsure if a player would find them similar. They have their similarities, but I feel like this is a significantly different game. I would definitely recommend it, though. It's well rounded and just fun to play. It's an AAA game done right.


Unique. Fun. Well Made. Almost perfect.

peshmi | April 10, 2014 | Review of Mount Blade Warband Steam - PC

Unfortunately it isn't perfect because its graphics are outdated, but the game is still insanely fun. The gameplay has a curve which you may learn quickly, or not. Either way, when you know how to play the game, it's epic. When you're learning, it's still great fun. You use medieval weapons and fight medieval battles. With sword, with lance, with bow and arrow. I've played Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and other similar games, but Warband does it the best. There are a few quests that act as a story of sorts, but it's an open world. You do what you want. The characters are generally very diverse yet predictable with experience. This game has more variety than a roguelike. I've played 60 hours of singleplayer alone, not counting when I was offline. What further adds to that variety is the mods. There is Sengoku Japan, Rome, and so many more. I've only tried a few, and the gameplay in those mods is just as fulfilling and fun as the base game. Unless you only ever play video games for graphics or story, BUY THIS GAME.


Amazing though sometimes irritating

peshmi | April 10, 2014 | Review of Payday 2 - PC

The concept of the game, bank robberies, is really unique. The gameplay is also really well done. A few things need some work, but the general heisting experience is a wonder. Games generally get boring fast because you've played something so similar to them and though this one eventually will too - it's an easy thirty hours of sleepless fun, and then some more if you feel like it. Why is it irritating? Because Overkill added money, drops, DLC, and so many other things that just kind of suck. They aren't game killers, they just kind of suck. Even if you pay for this game full price, you'll easily make your money's worth.



peshmi | April 6, 2014 | Review of Goat Simulator - PC

If you're overly serious, don't even bother. But if you do have a sense of humor and some knowledge into a lot of the things gamers have been talking about, this game is great. The allusions to other games such as Flappy Bird are abundant and well done. The gameplay is just stupid in a way that makes you chuckle. It's absurdly fun, but obviously it doesn't get a higher score because it has no legitimate story or characters. It also has steam workshop, which isn't fully developed yet, but in the future, I have high expectations. If you're a human, with emotion, you'll love it, especially for all of its (intentional) faults. If you're a machine, without emotion, you won't.