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peta97 | Oct. 10, 2014 | Review of NBA 2K15 NA - PC

This is a much improved game compared to 2k14. The graphics and gameplay are all around better, and it has been upgraded to next gen. There are tons of gameplay modes and options, as well as great new features such as wingspans, shoulder width, and body length as well as a new badge system to replace signature skills. These improvements make the players feel extremely realistic compared to real life, and allow for created players to feel unique and interesting. Overall, this is the best basketball game to date.


A game to avoid.

peta97 | May 30, 2013 | Review of Stronghold 3 - PC

I loved the first two strongholds and Stronghold: Legends. They were great, they put in you control of a fun settlement, with great options to build how you wanted to, and build a cool looking settlement. More importantly, they allowed you to play against AI that made games interesting and kept you entertained. It is a completely different story in Stronghold 3. Not only is the AI extremely bad, it is so bad that it is unplayable. They don't add anything to the gameplay. Almost everything else in the game is step back as well, with a low variety of units and buildings, and maps that are smaller and feel constricting. There is also very poor tutorials and explanations, and nothing expands on what has been done in the past games. The graphics are the only thing that you could say are technically better, if only because of new technology and standards, rather than a noticeable upgrade in graphics. This is definitely a game to avoid, it doesn't deserve to be the next title in the Stronghold series. If you are still playing Stronghold 1 or 2, I would recommend Legends if you would like to try a new one, but this game is basically the same as the first two, but worse. I picked this up for $5 and I still regret the purchase.