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Excellent game

pgeorge | Oct. 19, 2013 | Review of Aliens vs Predator Requiem - PC

For a game that was released 2010, i went in expecting some so so graphics and game play. I'm the guy who trusts reviews (not completely) but i use them as insight to a game and base my value of a game on videos, screenshots and what others have to say. That said, this game so far has been absolutely surprisingly fun to play. Not sure which AVP i played many years ago but i loved the abilities of the predator and it's just as fun in this. You get the option to play a surviving human, alien or my favorite, the predator. The story isn't half bad and enjoyable. They absolutely utilize the directx 11 features in lighting effects and it makes the game play that much more enjoyable. I haven't completed the game yet but while it was on sale, i thought it important to write a review for others to make a some what informed decision. The game does have it's pitfalls but those are overshadowed by what IMHO is a great game. I'd recommend this game.