Reviews by pharaoh13


Terrific tower defense

pharaoh13 | April 10, 2012 | Review of Unstoppable Gorg - PC

I am not a huge fan of tower defense games, but the B-movie atmosphere was so compelling that I gave this a try and was glad I did. Great selection of defensive options and enemies, plus the best movie cut scenes I've encountered in a long time (awesome villains!). Game plays very well and can get very challenging in later rounds, and not just by throwing more and faster enemies at you. The trick of moving your defenses around in their orbits can keep you quite busy, especially when you need to avoid meteors as well as enemy fire.


Second best in series

pharaoh13 | April 10, 2012 | Review of Faces of War - PC

This game is made by the same people who did Men of War, one of my all time favorite WW2 games. As my title indicates, this game rates a notch lower than Men of War, but is still well worth buying and playing, especially if you have played through all the Men of War campaigns (in my case I played them all twice). Scenarios aren't as challenging and the story line not as compelling in this one. Plus, some of the controls aren't quite as good. For example, if you set your soldiers to stay in position, don't be surprised to find them running around after being fired on. Plus, my favorite, the guy who insists on healing himself while being shredded by machine gun fire.


Nice little game

pharaoh13 | March 7, 2012 | Review of Medieval Battlefields - PC

I was pleasantly surprised by this game considering the very low price. It is a turn based strategy game very similar to old school titles like Warlords and Conquered Kingdoms. Excellent background music, simple but clean graphics. This game will probably not appeal to newer gamers who are used to the frantic pace and chrome of modern realtime strategy games, but if you think you might like something more thoughtful and more like a boardgame, give this a try.I only played the single player campaigns, and it would be even more fun with human opponents (AI is a little weak).


Good, but with a problem

pharaoh13 | March 4, 2012 | Review of From Dust - PC

I had fun with this game on the earlier levels. Very unique gameplay and beautiful graphics. I wish the game allowed you more control over the little humans. The problem occurred on a later level (it's called High Tides). Not the fault of GreenMan, but in checking around on some forums I found out that if you don't have the right processor (and I don't), it changes the speed and makes this level (and possibly later ones too), extremely difficult and frustrating. End result was I had to abandon this game after really only getting about 2-3 good hours of playing out of it. You would be better off getting the Xbox version.


Men of War Multiplayer

pharaoh13 | Jan. 18, 2012 | Review of Men of War Assault Squad - PC

I think the title of this review would make a better title for this game. First, let me say that i am a big fan of the Men of War series. This game features most of the nice details and graphics from the earlier games, and does add a lot of new items as well as the Japanese. However, what it doesn't have at all is any kind of campaign for playing on your own. All of the 16 games are essentially the same battle played out with different maps and different match-ups of Axis vs. Allies. Gets boring very quickly, plus it has turned into the type of real-time strategy I don't care for, namely cranking out new reinforcements as fast as you can and throwing them blindly at your enemies. Gone is all the story-driven appeal of the earlier titles, where you get to know the characters and try to keep them well equipped and focused on their goals. Everything is just cannon-fodder now. Anyway, I still give the game a decent score because if you play it multiplayer and like that sort of thing it is well done. Just not my style.


Very Good Value

pharaoh13 | Nov. 4, 2011 | Review of Earth 2160 - PC

Although comparisons to Starcraft are inevitable, this game has a lot going for it on its' own: well developed tech tree, good character development/voiceovers and a very wide range of imaginative scenarios. I highly recommend it for the price it's being offered at.


Excellent Game

pharaoh13 | July 27, 2011 | Review of Men of War Red Tide - PC

This game and its' predecessor Men of War have quickly become my favorites as far as tactical combat for World War 2. The graphics and interface are very well done, and there is a wide variety of weapons, vehicles, scenarios, etc. No other game gives you quite the same feeling that every man counts and has a purpose. Is it perfect? No. Sometimes your soldier will decide to heal himself while still being fired on by the enemy or not make optimal use of the equipment he has. But despite some small quirks like these, this game does a remarkable job of making WW2 action come alive.