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Dead Island, good for a first game

philly100000 | July 8, 2013 | Review of Dead Island - PC

At first when I started this game, I never thought I would get right into the zombie fighting action, but once waking up in the small house and nearly being beaton to death by the man with the baseball bat. I realised that this game would be better than slowly getting into storyline and understanding it, but rather the task was to help any and all survivors I could find, and to get off the island. What I really loved about this game is that it almost felt like Left 4 Dead, and Dead Rising, but being mixed in together to create one. As soon as I got to some of the parts where new zombies were being added to the game, I noticed that many were similar to those from Left 4 Dead, such as - The 'suicider' seemed very similar to the Boomer, considering once you've killed it, it simply blows up, althought it doesn't vomit all over you and attract any zombies. It also has a very similar appearance to the Flood from Halo. - The 'Ram' was very similar to the Charger. These two are very much alike, they both charge toward you and hit you down and have a high chance of killing you, although the Ram doesn't charge nearly as far as the Charger can, it does have the advantage of turning slightly towards you. - The 'Floater' is very much like the Boomer and Spitter merged together into one, it has the appearance of a Boomer, and it spits much like a spitter. As for Dead Rising, I noticed that the was the Weapons were, were very similar. You would need to find a weapon, and then find secondary, or Tertiary items to add together on a workbench to create a new, more powerful weapon to use. Some Things I noticed that were badly done were Animations, the way you pickup things just looks terrible, character movement feels good, but it all looks terrible. Game Rendering, this just sucks, it takes over 10 seconds or so for areas to load, but overall the environment looks amazing. Voices, these are pretty bad, the voice acting is good, but the way they talk is bad, you could be in Single Player, and they're talking like you're in a Multiplayer game.


Great Game, Great Graphics, and Great Style

philly100000 | July 8, 2013 | Review of The Darkness II Overflow - PC

The Darkness 2 takes place in New York, just a few years after the incidents from the first game. During the events of the first game, Jackie Estacado, who currently has the power of the Darkness, turns 21 and is targested by his Uncle Paulie. With the help of his powers, he tries to stop Paulie, and later on Jackie's girlfriend, Jenny Romano gets killed by his Uncle. Since then, he's been thinking and praying for Jenny, in hopes that he can save her from hell. During the Darkness 2, Jackie gets help from an odd old friend, Johnny Powell, to defeat Victor Valente, and a group called the brotherhood, who want to own the powers of the Darkness for themselves. I was rather surprised at how much this felt like the first game, but even with that, I still loved it. The graphics felt a little more cartoonish, but that can be understood since it is based off a comic book series. The gameplay itself is also fantastic, it's very balanced compared to some games, especially considering you can have upto 4 weapons to use at once (2 guns, 2 darkness arms). The only problem with the gameplay is the fact that it doesn't feel like it has much of a replay value. The Talent Tree is a very cool new addition to the gme. For every enemy you kill you get what is called essence. For execution kills, you get even more essence. There are also 29 relics spread throughout each mission which give you 300 essence each. The essence is used to purchase new darkness powers to help you along the way. The Voice acting was also very well done. I never would of guessed that the main character, and your Darkness powers were voiced by the same person. But ot only that, the dialogue they used to talk to other characters within the game was very well done for a mobster styled game. The old player vs. player multiplayer has been removed, but that was never very good to begin with. In place of player vs. player multiplayer, they've added what are called Vendettas, a compleytely seperate campaign in which you may choose between 1 of 4 mobsters who each have their own darkness power, and their own talent trees.