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Old-School platforming returns

philstuf | Aug. 17, 2013 | Review of Duck Tales Remastered - PC

When I first saw this was being released, I was dismissive. I watched the video, wondering if it was going to simply be a bit-for-bit emulation of the original, NES title, or if it was entirely re-imagined. Having missed the sub-title of "remastered," I was immediately shouting, "It's the same old game, but all tarted up! This isn't even new!" Then it started to sink in that this was no false advertising (I realized it DID say, "Remastered"). It was, indeed, the old game, dolled up, and made beautiful in a way the NES could never have pulled off. My disdain was beginning to fade... I began to think back to my initial playthrough as a child, seeing it in rose-colored shades, of course, but remembering not the limitations of an 8-bit console, but the pure joy of having Scrooge McDuck jumping around on his cane like a flea on crack..Then it hit me. It had made its way to my wishlist. The more I tried to pan it as an easy cash-in for Capcom, the more I thought back to just how solid a platformer the original was. Easy, sure, but controller-breaking, frustratingly hard to collect all the jewels. I was grinning. Pre-purchased... I started the new game and was immediately thrust back to the days when Capcom was best known for its runny-jumpy-shooty quality, and they were a master at it in the days of the NES. Megaman was their claim to fame, and no one even knew what "Resident Evil" was (or how bad voice acting could be). This game is a wonderfully done revisit to the original. It is, of course, easy to blast through, but if you want to be das uber nerd, you'll find yourself back slamming your controller on the ground in twistedly gleeful frustration when that gem you worked so hard to get just cost you your life. Enough talking about the good, as there is SOME bad in there. As good as the game looks, it is severely lacking in animation. Walk cycles are great, as are expressions and actions, but there is absolutely zero voice animation. The mouths are perpetually shut. Additionally, there appears there is a bit of a responsiveness issue. As much as people say games were harder in console days of yore, I don't actually feel this is a matter of me being older and my reflexes slowing down, despite what some people are saying. All that being said, this game is faithful to the spirit and color of the original. It is as enjoyable as it was when it was 8-bit, and is absolutely beautiful. Vibrant, bright and faithful. Even if you don't like Disney's "Duck" franchise, if you can get past the fact it's Disney and the characters are all cartoon characters, it is a solid, downright FUN platformer. 94/100. The next logical thought is, "When is 'Chip 'n' Dale's Rescue Rangers' coming out? Shut up and take my money!"