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Guts, Gore and Banazi Charges...

philuk23 | June 13, 2013 | Review of Rising Storm - PC

Welcome to Rising Storm, a brutal and dark FPS game by Tripwire Interactive. (Firstly this is a hardcore online FPS game, so if your not a big online player then perhaps RS isnt for you.) But for the rest of us, Tripwires latest is a fresh and interesting take on the WW2 shooter. In a gaming world where we are drowning in modern warfare clones the WW2 shooter has become rare and im so glad to see the Red Orchestra series do well. When you jump into RS, you will die and die alot. Not out of broken game play or over-powered kill-streaks but simply because your flesh and bone and nothing more. You feel vulnerable in this game and it makes the gaming experience very unique, you aren't a super solider you have your brain and a rifle and nothing more. However the game does have a few flaws, on the performance side of things it could be better optimized and movement can feel clunky, which can be off putting at first when you come from a generation of very slick and fast shooters. But these minor issues aside RS offers something no one else does, a hardcore FPS title and in the current generation thats something we should support.