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Poorly optimized but still the best one so far...

phoenix1120 | Nov. 20, 2013 | Review of Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag Gold Edition (NA)

I pre-ordered AC4 a while back so you can guess that I was pretty excited to dive in and try it out. I loved AC3 and was able to get it to run fairly well on my gaming rig. Now, almost immediately after starting into the game I noticed some odd behavior. It would normally hover around 50-60 fps but on occasion it would drop to 30 and appeared capped in-between. What I found was that if I turned off vsync, I could raise most of the other settings and maintain a fairly steady framerate of 45-60, although I started seeing some screen tearing. Keep in mind that this was before I updated my nvidia driver. Once I updated it the game seemed a little smoother, but not by a very noticeable amount. With all that being said, I have to say that the game still managed to awe me with it's amazing environments and still fun gameplay. I noticed some improvements to the stealth which make it more fun, like being able to whistle from haystacks and bushes, and it seemed easier to elude enemies that spotted you and were hunting you. they will still look, but it didn't seem like they were spotting you through buildings, and other guards don't automatically join the search right away until they notice you're being chased. So all in all I think they have made a vastly improved game here, with some nice nods to earlier installments in the series. The major problem is the need for more optimization. You can always turn down the graphics settings, but the game will be far less attractive then. Here's hoping they keep optimizing it, and let's look on the bright least this version isn't capped at 30fps like the console versions.


Liked it better than Left 4 Dead 2

phoenix1120 | July 4, 2013 | Review of Killing Floor

I got bored of Left 4 Dead 2 pretty quickly, even though it was so highly rated. I reluctantly tried Killing Floor after a friend recommended it to me and was pleasantly surprised. It may be rough around the edges, but the gunplay is very satisfying. It's exhilarating to make headshots in this game, not only because of the splatter of blood it makes out of the zombie heads, but because the weapons just feel meaty and powerful. Fun to play, funner with friends, highly recommended!