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Great story, no so great game-mechanics

piippo | July 30, 2011 | Review of Alpha Protocol - PC

First off, Alpha Protocol is way better than you've might have heard beforehand. It's a trade off between deep decision/consequence based storyline and the some-what poor game-mechanics. First the bad, at the beginning shooting isn't really fun, and those looking for this side in their game will get disappointed. Later in the game as you progress with your skills, you come too powerful. Second, the game is tad "clunky" at times and levels are pretty much set to offer you few choices, but that's it. The good however far outweigh the bad. The story is well written, and how many espionage RPGs have you played? None? Well this is one. Deep and complex relations between characters is also something you will not find in every game. Similarly the decisions you make will have far reaching consequences. The way you choose to act directly or indirectly affects how the story and game will pan out for you. Nothing is ever that clear, or is it? In the end, Alpha Protocol is fine example of great storytelling - just to fall short on the mechanics. The more dull part of the game is the missions, they vary from not so great to "ok, this is quite nice". If you're tempted, and have liked what Obsidian have done in the past - I don't think you will be disappointed if you get over few of the shortcomings. Definitely better game than what metacritic might claim.