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A Great Game - but get the Director's Cut

pike321 | Oct. 30, 2013 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution Limited Edition - PC DVD

DE:HR is a fantastic game. A true successor to the original Deus Ex, HR keeps the multiple paths and play styles that we know and love. The gun play isn't the best out there, but then I prefer to take the stealth option. The guards can be dumb at times and the boss fights are a major pain but the graphics are crisp (and shouldn't demand too much from your rig) and the overall feel of the game is great. Most levels have side missions to discover and the game rewards exploration and listening to the NPCs rather than blasting everything that moves. That said if you do want to buy DE:HR I suggest you pick up the Director's Cut. It includes everything in this version plus the DLC and is only slightly more expensive.