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A bit unpolished, but a gem nevertheless

pjer177 | Aug. 22, 2011 | Review of Men of War - PC

Being a WW2 RTS game, Men of War looks generic at the first glance, but has one specific feature that makes it everything but your usual RTS. This feature is the direct command of your troops. Select a troop (or a vehicle), and press a button to take control of it like you would do in a shooter game. Move with wasd and shoot with mouse, opening endless tactical possibilities. Every soldier has its own inventory, which means that you can equip him anyway you want. To give an example what you can expect Men of War to play, here's a typical game situation: You are controlling a tank and destroying the enemy until suddenly an enemy cannon ambushes you from the flank and you have no option but to abandon the tank. 3 crew members exit the vehicle and start running from the approaching enemy infantry. All get gunned down except one who manages run and hide in the bushes. Armed only with a handgun (he is tank crewman) he manages to find a single enemy soldier and shoot him without attracting much attention. He takes his rifle, his ammo and explosives. Next, he approaches the enemy cannon and kills its crew with explosives. What happens next? Would you mount the gun and use it against enemies? Repair the tank? Look for an enemy vehicle and try stealing it? Continue going commando and finish your mission? You can do all of these things an much more in Men of War. For WW2 fans it is also worth mentioning that the game contains a large portion of WW2 arsenal, as well as vehicles from all major powers. Graphics are also very good and detailed. The main game flaws are its mission design, which is the most probable cause of all the comment on the difficulty of the game. Missions often contain a large number of soldiers to control and in heavy combat a new player might feel overwhelmed with micromanagement, however, this is something you get used to once you learn the ropes of the game (Red Tide is much more forgiving in this aspect). The second big flaw is voice acting, which can be honestly described as dreadful. Overall, Men of War is a game that seems complicated and unpolished, but once you really get in it, it becomes one of the most rewarding gaming experiences.