Reviews by pk11


Nice arcade shooter

pk11 | July 29, 2011 | Review of Alien Breed 2 Assault - PC

Not bad game , nice graphics , sound effects .This game is arcade shooter , you must just run and kill waves of enemies which is alot of fun.Theres also parts of the game where you must wandering around and searching for switches and finding keykards. You can find many multiplayer modes in it but nearly no one play this game online so dont buy it for multiplayer unless some of your friend have it.


Great game

pk11 | July 29, 2011 | Review of Penumbra Black Plague - PC

Penumbra black plague is first person perspective horror game. Its a continuation of story from Penumbra overture. In game we play as a Phillip who is trapped in terrifying underground complex searches for information about his dead father. Surrounded by enemies, he must confront not only the dangers from them, but also prepared by the authors puzzle elements that reveal more and more pieces of the mystery. Black Plague uses a very advanced physics engine so that the player has full control over almost all occurring in the environment the game objects. It is not enough just click on any item to perform a specific action. If we want to move something, we need to catch an object and move the cursor in the appropriate manner. This applies to both searched drawers, cabinets or moving furniture. A very important part of the game is also mysterious atmosphere and music. Definitely must have game for all horror games fans.