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Average WWII third person shooter game play.

postewar | June 20, 2011 | Review of Airborne Troops - PC

For a 2003 "third person shooter" type release, Airborne Troops is not as polished as say a, Tomb Raider Angel of darkness was in its day. ( 2003- EDIOS). I had several map collision issues in Airborne Troops getting stuck briefly just walking hallways, and I once took a bugged ladder completely above the map of play, but the game is still enjoyable, and ran fine on Windows 7 64bit for its age, despite the minor, at time humorous, bug issues. Being able to re-key the keyboard controls with the executable found in the game install files was a huge plus. I think Airborne Troops could have been further improved if English voice narration by the character "John" didn't sound so much like a bad Don LaFontaine "movie guy" impersonation. Oh well. If you can catch this title on sale here at GMG again, you like third person shooters, WWII genre, and can stand a few minor bug issues, it's worth a look at the right price.


Thoroughly Enjoyed Strike Force

postewar | June 18, 2011 | Review of Commandos Strike Force - PC

Being WWII fps genre, I'm surprised I have not played this one sooner. (I thought all Commandos were RTS) Commandos Strike Force is not so similar to Medal of Honor Allied Assault or Call of Duty. No, not quite so, Hollywood dramatic, polished, story and character wise, its still quite an enjoyable game, with even more tactical sense to it than being a straight through rail shooter that the other two are. Things like stealthy sneaking around wearing German disguises and killing the enemy with a garrote, silencer, gas or knife and planing out your attacks are all nice features of this game. Being more tactical over all, I still think this game has a very good mixture of stealth and action moments, and in some missions players are able to TAB swap between two different charters / classes to use their key attributes. Graphics are about what I'd expect for a 2004-2006'ish release, the level design and characters looked great as far a recreating the WWII atmosphere, and the AI seemed to be okay. The English cut scene voice overs were not in sync with the animations very well, a small distraction, but I believe the devs at Pyros were from Spain, therefor the animations were probably in Spanish, so I'll cut them some slack. No issues playing this on Windows 7 64bit. Great entertainment for the value. Thanks GMG!


Seriously Flawed / Broken

postewar | June 11, 2011 | Review of NecroVisioN Lost Company - PC

I had some fun, and absolutely love the story and old school "Painkiller' type game play. Unfortunately now I can't get passed Chapter 6 because of game script errors keep crashing out the game. I tried the official 1C forums suggestions to no avail. Certainly not worth the $19 price tag here or anywhere as is. Good thing I got it as a GMG giveaway. Its to bad too, I'd have rated it higher on completion, if I could just finish it. 60 or 70 But the crashing is just not worth my time.