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Storm of bullets

pozmu | Sept. 27, 2012 | Review of Bulletstorm - PC

Cheesy take on sci-fi shooter by Polish developer People Can Fly known for Painkiller. You play role of big man with a big gun and fight trough epic levels full of monsters. Yeah, that and cheesy humour - a lot of it - in fact, too much for some people including myself. Putting constant cursing and simplistic story aside you will find Bulletstorm pretty fun but short arcade FPP experience with really beautiful environments. There are plenty of interesting guns to use, each with multiple firing modes (my favorite is Bouncer which fires bouncing cannonballs) but in fact all of them look bland when compared to energy leash, which is, well, very powerful leash that you will often prefer over any other gun... Graphics are good, game-time long enough - looking for alternative to Duke Nuke? - play Bulletstorm.