Reviews by praggi93


Not flawless, but not bad

praggi93 | Jan. 24, 2013 | Review of Alpha Protocol - PC

Alpha Protocol is a spy themed RPG made by Obsidian. The game was told to offer great mechanics and an interesting storyline. However, the game mechanics are glitchy and buggy, and the story lacks soul and character. The graphics are decent, but that alone wont help you through the heaps of bugs and stupid AI's that you'll meet. If you can see past these flaws, the game offers a lot of fun. The choices you make in the game will have a lasting on the story. The game offers lots of ways to approach missions and develop your character, while the stealthy way wont always work thanks to buggy animations and stupid AI. All in all it its an unpolished gem.


A great return to one of my favorite mascots!

praggi93 | Jan. 24, 2013 | Review of Sonic Generations - PC

Sonic Generations is SEGA's first good step at the right direction, bringing us the familiar gameplay from the early genesis time, combined with the all familiar 3D- perspective from the earlier games. The game offers great graphics, good mechanics and the best combination of two different types of gameplay, truly bringing the best of both worlds to the game. The game could however be a bit longer. All in all the game is highly recommended.


Exciting game!

praggi93 | Jan. 24, 2013 | Review of SkyDrift - PC

Skydrive is the type of game you don't see much of on the market. This adrenaline pumping sky-racing game is what I've missed in a long time. Good graphics, simple and fun game mechanics and the thrill of winning that keeps you hooked on the game. It brings out a decent challenge too! The best of it is however the multiplayer. Get some of your best friends online and shoot'em up! All in all I recommend it, especially for all the sky-racing fans.


A fun and exhilarating ride!

praggi93 | Jan. 24, 2013 | Review of Devil May Cry 4 - PC

DMC4 is the sequel to the ever so popular DMC3, introducing a new protagonist and an interesting story. The game offers great graphics, fun and exhilarating boss fights and a thrill that keeps you on crushing demon skulls! It's however not the best PC-port I've seen, so i recommend using a gamepad. All in all, a great game worth your money!


Old school shoot'em up!

praggi93 | Jan. 24, 2013 | Review of Sine Mora - PC

Sine Mora is in many ways a unique game with with great shooting mechanics like many other old school shoot'em up's. Great graphics, variety of ships and difficulty will lead you to stay with this game till the end. What makes this game unique however is the interesting use of the time bar- to stay alive you will have to kill enemies. The game offers lots of fun and interesting bossfights in its short gamespan, but offers some re-playability due to its varied difficulty. All in all, a great game worth your buck.