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An incredible disappointment

predatorpulse7 | Oct. 16, 2013 | Review of Assassins Creed 3 - PC

I absolutely love this series. Played all the titles before this and was amazed so naturally I was extremely hyped for AC3, even with the mild disappointment of Revelations. I can’t believe how much Ubisoft managed to screw things up with this one. First off, the good: Graphics are pretty much great and unlike others, I had few glitches, soundtrack is ok(though it never reaches the heights of the previous OST’s),multiplayer is still solid and the naval missions are incredibly fun. The bad: -Main character is one of the most boring protagonists I’ve ever seen in a game, made even worse by the fact that he follows one of the most charismatic in Ezio. -The setting does not gel that well with the previous AC outings, there are only a couple of tall buildings and even those one pale in comparison to the cityscapes we climbed in the Middle East, Italy and Constantinopole. -gameplay is even more simplified than before. You literally can’t fall off buildings unless you press space and combat is simplified even further by slowing down during fighting sequences that make it nearly impossible to lose unless you are somehow physically or mentally challenged. In short, there is no challenge even though combat looks pretty cool. -the tutorial sequence is wayyyyy too long. I understand that they wanted to introduce Haytham and young Connor but it dragged on too much for my liking. -the trading system is pointless because you can only earn money with it, money with which you buy weapons and such but you don’t need them because Connor can slay every man from west to east with his DEFAULT weapons. -the ending is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen, it was almost insulting. My conclusion on this game after 2-3 days of playing came after air assassinating a bunny in the forest and gathering my gazzilionth trinket(and there are A TON of collectibles in this game). I started pondering: WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING? Isn’t this a game about ASSASSINS? Why the hell am I doing pointless stuff in the frontier instead of killing important figures in sprawling urban centers? I mean, there were chores in AC1/AC2 and following installments but they didn’t feel so much like chores and they were somehow integrated into the story. The feathers you collected gave you a minor cutscene in the end and there weren’t as many pointless distractions as there are in this game. The game keeps distracting you from the main storyline to hide the fact that it is pretty goddam awful(and that’s saying something as far as AC games are concerned), serving more as a vehicle for cameos for the heroes of the American Revolution than an actual story where our hero undergoes some sort of life challenging journey. Buy it if you’re a fan of the AC series but don’t get your hopes up. Single player has the worst campaign since AC1 but at least the multiplayer saves the day somewhat. A playable disappointment.


A good game if flawed

predatorpulse7 | Oct. 16, 2013 | Review of Thief Deadly Shadows Steam - PC

The third Thief game is a worthy sequel to its legendary predecessors. The new lighting dynamic is quite nice to behold, Garrett is still Garrett though the third person perspective does take a bit out of the experience and the city isn't as great to behold when you realize that it was broken up into many smaller areas so that consoles could run the damn thing. While there are some minor inconveniences for any true Thief game, there is still a great THIEF game under the hood. The atmosphere is still terrific, the gameplay is for the most part good and this game boasts one of the most terrifying game levels you will ever witness. And the story has a nice way of wrapping things up as well. This is a must buy if you are a Thief fan, don't let anybody else tell you otherwise.