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Much Improved Sequel

pswan77 | July 14, 2015 | Review of Metro Last Light Redux 2015 - PC

Metro: Last Light is good. I really hated the first game and Last Light goes a long way to fixing most of the problems with the dreadful first one. Thankfully, the first game ends with most of the super natural bull shit characters being killed and so in the sequel the last remaining one is relegated to be the macguffin of the plot and is off screen most of the game. The story in the game was decent and it kept me engaged with wanting to know happens next, although when it's nazis vs. commies there's no one to root for. A frustrating aspect in the first one that they fixed in Last Light is the money. I could almost never upgrade my weapons in the first one because ammo was so rare I had to use my precious bullets that act as currency just to survive. There are some good upgrades to be had and I'm glad I got to use them this time. Stealth can be used in a lot of this game and my silenced revolver with laser sight was an invaluable tool over the course of the game. The pneumatic weapons are back and still fun to use. The weapons overall were fun to shoot and that's a definite requirement for a good shooter. Another part that's an improvement is that you spend much more time without any NPC's around. This really helps build the spooky atmosphere the game is going for when you're all by yourself making your way through the dark and not just sitting through a scripted event the game was programmed to put you and the NPC through. A nice little touch I liked was that there are spider webs that will slow you down if you walk through them, but you can burn them up with your lighter. There is a season pass with this game that offers a lot of little experiences. There are several missions where you play a little part of the main story only as through the eyes of different characters in the story than the main protagonist you play as. They were all ok, but just felt like more of the same of the campaign with nothing exceptional about them. My favorite DLC was actually one where you have to loot a library of a long list of random objects. It was fun exploring the library and discovering new routes that led to new areas or shortcuts back to base. It took around 20 hours to finish everything so there's a fair chunk of game here and most of it is pretty fun.


Good Game

pswan77 | Sept. 10, 2013 | Review of Psychonauts - PC

Psychonauts was a lot of fun. There are a lot of interesting game mechanics. There's a solid variety of weapons to use. The writing was well done. There is a lot of platforming and that isn't always easy in a 3D game. Still, it's mostly handled well. The graphics look decent for how old it is now. I definitely recommend Psychonauts.


TellTale at its best.

pswan77 | Sept. 5, 2013 | Review of Sam Max The Devils Playhouse - PC

I flat out loved season 3 of Sam & Max. The story was fun, the writing was mostly fantastic, and the puzzles were interesting. S&M is comedy and it is packed to the brim with jokes. A few miss, but most hit and there are some really big laughs. Every episode has a very unique style to it and the story is constantly changing and its unpredictable. I highly recommend to all adventure fans!


The fun is in plain sight.

pswan77 | Aug. 15, 2013 | Review of Murder She Wrote - PC

Everywhere she goes, people suddenly start getting murdered. Clearly, Jessica Fletcher is the greatest serial killer of all time. The cops even find her already at the scene of the crime for some of the killings when they arrive. The only thing I can't figure out is how she keeps convincing others to keep taking the fall for her every time. She's got the local police eating out of the palm of her hands and not only bring her along to assist in official murder investigations, but the police blindly take her word for things even if it contradicts the conclusion that the paid professional investigators have come up with. She's always right there with the cops to make sure to nudge suspicion away from her and onto the 'real killer'. Normally, she sticks to her haunts in tucked away Cabot Cove, Maine. But, pray you're out of town if she decides to visit your neighborhood. The game was fun. There's five cases that play out just like an episode of the show. If you're a genre fan, you're probably gonna be happy with this game.


Solid Fun

pswan77 | April 29, 2013 | Review of The Cave - PC

I recommend it. The game is fun. It reminds me of a blend of Limbo and Trine. The puzzles aren't too hard, but there are some really good ones in there that had me stumped for a while. There are seven characters to choose from, but only three can be chosen for each run thru the game. To see the whole game, it will need to be finished at least twice. I did complete all the character-specific levels. The Scientist and the Time Traveler levels were my favorites. They were all good, though, except for possibly the level for The Monk and The Knight. They were too short and too easy. They were still ok, though. There are several sections that are a part of every run-through regardless of the characters chosen. The writing is funny and the voice acting is really well done. It took about 12 or so hours to see all of the game. The art style is cartoony and pleasant. The graphics are serviceable, but nothing special. The first time dynamite blew up, the explosion crashed the game. Other than that, it ran flawlessly at a smooth 60fps throughout. My biggest gripe with the game is the amount of back tracking. There is so much back-and-worth when trying to figure out the puzzles for the first time and climbing ropes takes forever. It's not a huge deal, but its something that's ever present. Overall, The Cave was a really enjoyable experience.


See things in a new way

pswan77 | April 29, 2013 | Review of Edna and Harvey Harveys New Eyes - PC

Good game. It was often funny. The cutesy graphics are juxtaposition for the deeply grim undercurrent of the story. Some really messed up things happen. This game deals with trauma-based mind control and child murder among other things. It took around 8 hours to beat. It's definitely on the easy side of point-and-click adventures. I only got stuck once; didn't have to use a walk-through at all. I definitely recommend to genre fans.


Classic Sega

pswan77 | April 29, 2013 | Review of SEGA Megadrive Collection Series 1 - PC

There are a lot of classics here from the Genesis library. My personal favorites are Golden Axe and Altered Beast. A great value for the number of different games you get. Some I had never played before and this collection has a nice mix of great games I used to play way back when plus also some others that I'm getting to try for the first time.