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Not bad per se, but short and repetitive

puiumihai | Aug. 13, 2012 | Review of Irukandji

Irukandji is a score-attack-shooter that takes place in an underwater setting. Gameplay is similar to any Shoot 'em up you might have played: you control your ship trying to avoid enemies (of sea life variety: sea horses, jellyfish and a giant crab which is the level's boss) and their bullets, while getting power-ups and shooting back. The main objectives are to obtain a highscore and complete the (only) level.

That's right, Irukandji has only one level, which can be completed in ~5 minutes. Replay value comes from unlocking new ships (which you can unlock by beating the level/game with the previous ship), getting a better score plus ten achievements. However, in my opinion, ship variety, online score and achievements aren't enough to compensate for the lack of more levels and enemy types, so the game gets repetitive even though each new ship is different than the others in play style.

The visuals are good, colorful and sometimes mesmerizing - like wathcing fireworks. However, at times the graphics can be a little too hard on the eyes. Controls are simple, but mouse support is not implemented. If you have a gamepad though, you can use that.

As a conclusion, Irukandji offers too little in terms of content. There's nothing inherently bad with its design or gameplay, but due to the lack of content, i can't really recommend it unless you are a hardcore score attack shooter fan and even then i don't feel like the price is justified.