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Tower Denfese and FPS? Awesome!

qwasyx | July 4, 2011 | Review of Sanctum - PC

This game is a great combination of the well known Tower Defense-Gameplay aspects (e.g. build a maze of towers, upgrade them, figure out the longest way possible for the waves of Monsters) and includes a little bit more action by adding the FPS aspects (e.g. First Person View, different upgradeable Guns, move and jump around). You have 4 Maps at the moment which you can play alone or play online with a friend (4 Player Multiplayer is coming soon!) and they are fun for a long time. It takes you a while to figure out a good maze and much more time to master it. Overall its a great game to play whenever you feel like, just start it and go for a round or two with your friends, you'll have a good time for sure!