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Mediocre, try the Original First

rabidchihuahua | June 9, 2013 | Review of Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver 2 (2) - PC

Unfortunately Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2 is not the game for me. The graphics are definitely dated and graphical glitches happened a few times. The story continues the Legacy of Kain mythology which I am not privy to at all. The gameplay also strikes me as being basic in nature and nothing that really stands out in a positive way. I had a bad first experience with Legacy of Kain. The graphics displayed weird colors during the first cut scene. I was worried this would persist but, to the game’s credit, this only happened for the first scene. This I could forgive, but the voice acting also struck me as annoying. It made me unmotivated to follow the story. The story itself seemed overly dramatic. Even with my limited understanding of it, or perhaps because of that, I ended up disliking it immensely. Overall the PC port did not seem to be the greatest. I had to fight against the game to get the controller to be recognized. Even after that there were problems with the controls. The controls were hard to figure out. Even if I wanted to change anything, the game did not explain the actions thoroughly enough. At the beginning of the game I spent plenty of time wandering around wondering what was happening. If there was some sort of tutorial I would have been much better off. The lack of description was pretty frustrating. The game definitely works on the assumption that you have played a previous game in the series. The gameplay is hack and slash based. I can’t exactly explain why coherently but it failed to capture my attention because normally I can at least tolerate hack and slash gameplay. Killing enemies ended up boring me after a short while. However, there are a few neat aspects to this. One weapon Raziel uses, the wraith-blade, can work against him. In other words it decreases his health if overused. Another interesting aspect was the two dimensions. There was a spectral counterpart to the material world in which his energy regenerated.


Great Value

rabidchihuahua | June 9, 2013 | Review of Poker Night at the Inventory - PC

Poker Night at the Inventory is a rather straightforward game. The style of poker taken on is Texas Hold 'Em. Your opponents are what make this game interesting: Strong Bad from Homestarrunner, Max from Sam & Max, Heavy from Team Fortress 2, and Tycho from Penny Arcade. The banter between characters is an important part of the game. The banter was a big part of the appeal of this game to me. I am only totally familiar with Strong Bad and Heavy but it is still amusing. There were actually quite a few moments that were literally laugh out loud funny. There is a decent amount of banter but it could have been more. I was starting to get a lot of repeats around 2 and a half hours of play. Luckily there is a setting to edit the amount of talking everyone does. However, unless you are really interested in poker then the lack of banter decreases the replay value. Playing the game for a few hours can result in quite a bit of enjoyment. It is also a nice game to play in little time chunks. The gameplay is pretty straightforward. Every game you play you buy in with $10,000. The game started out with a mini rules overview which was pretty helpful to a person who doesn't play poker often. On normal difficulty it isn't too hard to get quite a few wins under your belt. The inclusion of the Team Fortress 2 items is a neat feature. I don't really know if I will ever end up using them though. I also encountered a problem in which I won an item but then the game “forgot” that I won it the next time I played. So now I have the achievement for it but that item still comes into play as if I had not won it. There are also collectibles used in the Poker Night game itself: card and table designs. They are collected by winning a certain number of tournaments for each. Overall, it is an enjoyable game for a few hours. I might come back again to it later. As I said it does not have the greatest replay value but it is fun while it lasts. It is definitely worth it to win it or get it heavily discounted. If you received it with Poker Night 2 or have it rotting away in your library, I encourage you to try it out.


Forge, some mixed feelings

rabidchihuahua | June 9, 2013 | Review of Forge - PC

Forge is unlike anything I've ever played before. I'm not really interested in many multiplayer exclusive games. This one looked interesting enough thematically and also said it was free from grinding up to higher levels. So I figured it would be a good place to start for my journey into MMOs. The game's tutorial is fairly comprehensive going through most of the essentials. It is kind of slow paced and left me with some boredom. The option that worked best for me to learn the game was the bot match. It pit me one on one against every class in the game, with three levels of ascending difficulty. It helped me learn the various moves for each character and their various areas of effectiveness. However, now there was just a patch released literally one day ago. The tutorial has been rebuilt so I am going to assume it is better. I hate to play it again now that I have the basics down. There were also tutorials added for each of the five classes specifically which was definitely a problem for me before the patch. It was hard to learn by my errors in multiplayer. The tutorial is much more comprehensive now and teaches you where you would use your abilities in an actual battle situation. The best addition of the patch, besides the wonderful new title screen (heh), is the co-op bot battle. It more realistically simulates a player versus player match than the 1v1 bot battles did. Another good feature which should have been there from the beginning is a compass. When I played my first multiplayer game I had no idea where any other player was, now the compass should help with that. That problem was also made worse by another really bad problem. One main qualm which I have with this game is the lack of players. An online game really needs a significant number of players to thrive. If I take only the matches in which I have the least latency, then I usually have only a couple to choose from. Sometimes I have none. Heck, even with the games that have a bunch of latency it is still only a handful. It is also common for the matches to only have 6 out of 12 possible players. I think that the game would be much more fun with full or close to full servers. There are three different online modes: capture the relic, king of the hill, and team deathmatch. They play exactly how they sound. It has been hard to choose which mode I want to play with the lack of servers and players. It is just go with the flow so far. It is also very random, the players that you get to play with. I have played on the same server multiple times but with crazy variations in skill level. This would not be a problem but it usually ends up that one team is full of new players while the other has people who have been playing since release. There are also a few minor problems I have. One minor problem which I think merits mentioning is that it is hard to find information for this game online. Forge is the name of many things and is some sort of thing in Halo Reach. It was hard to find extra tutorials/tips. Now with the revamped tutorials though hopefully that should not be a problem for new players. Another problem is that there is no server browser in game. It's annoying to have to go through the Steam servers. The patch added a reconnect button, so at least you can get back on the server you most recently played on. Despite this game's stance on grinding there is an experience system and leveling up for new abilities occurs. I have not leveled up much but I can see how it does have the potential to put new players at a disadvantage. The actual gameplay is fun enough. The classes have 9 abilities and take up various amounts of action points. The classes vary well. Some are more adept at close range combat will others are good for long range. It is good to start as Pathfinder, archer, when you play your first few matches online. I actually played my first game as Assassin and got repeatedly assassinated. So learn from my mistakes. Some classes are good for offense while others are good for defense and support. Shaman is a great support class. It is good for significantly healing teammates. The maps are pretty enjoyable as well. Wall jumping plays a role in your character's movement in the game and there are plenty of things to jump off. There is a variety of terrain to hide behind. That pairs well with the Pathfinder's ability to go invisible. You can hide behind something and pop up again right by an opponent. The balance in this game between classes is pretty good. If an Assassin uses it's ability to jump behind you and you are a Pathfinder you can lay down a trap to stun the Assassin. These kind of abilities seem very intimidating when used against a beginner so it is very important to learn every ability of a class. My thoughts on this game are very split. On one hand, I think the gameplay is pretty fun. It is a good change from the normal shooter fare for me. One the other hand though, there are quite a few problems with this game so far. In fact before this most recent patch the game seemed to really lack potential to me, especially the tutorial and the lack of mini-map. The recent fixes have restored my faith in the game to a degree and I hope it can attract more players. I would say that it is worth buying (or winning), especially on sale. It might be worth it to wait for a while before buying, just to see if the patch brings in more players. It certainly has a chance of doing that because new players are less likely to be discouraged with the better training resources.