Reviews by radenthefridge


Wonderful game, fantastic soundtrack, touching story

radenthefridge | March 27, 2014 | Review of Bastion Steam - PC

I absolutely loved this game. The gameplay was solid, the narration (despite me not being a fan of the guy's actual voice) was excellent, and the soundtrack was stuck in my head for months. The story did turn out to be much darker and sadder than I expected, but it also stuck with me for a long time.


Might make you dizzy, but you'll love it.

radenthefridge | March 27, 2014 | Review of Mirrors Edge NA ORIGIN - PC

I'd say my biggest concern with this game is it made me think I could actually do parkour in real life. All joking aside, I enjoyed this game a lot. Some parts are better than others, and this game shines best when the enemy in the environment vs. the soldiers/guards. Similar to Prince of Persia, there's fighting, but it's when you're navigating and puzzle-solving that Mirror's Edge really stands out. That isn't to say I didn't like the fighting, but it just isn't the game's strongest quality. There's also the speed-runs and leaderboards, but I just enjoyed playing through the main story.


Some good first-person violence to be had!

radenthefridge | March 27, 2014 | Review of Dark Messiah Might Magic NA - PC

I enjoyed my time here. First person kicking, fighting, climbing, and magic are pretty fun, and I know this game is old enough that FPS without guns wasn't very common. The story didn't win any awards, but you're here to kick orcs in the face and fight dragons anyways. Any decent rig today will be able to max out the settings on this, and things won't look half-bad. I actually ran this on a dual-core with 4GB RAM on a laptop, and it was playable! The game isn't too long, and sometimes not too challenging (at least on normal), but you'll enjoy your time here.


FPS Brawler in a strange, enjoyable universe

radenthefridge | March 25, 2014 | Review of Zeno Clash - PC

In this land of strange buildings, weird people, and anthropomorphic critters, your best solution is punches! All joking aside, I had a ton of fun with this FPS brawler/shooter! The story is strange, unique, and it'll stick with you for years to come. The combat is fluid, and using weapons adds an interesting layer to combat. While the sequel was a bit of a letdown, I would say this game can stand on its own merits and deserves your attention, if only to play something quite-unlike anything else.


A fun RPG/Action romp

radenthefridge | March 25, 2014 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution (1) - PC

While the story isn't quite up to where it's predecessors are at, I still was engaged and enjoyed my time spent with Human Revolution. The series does stay true to providing a lot of different ways to tackle situations, and some very satisfying execution/takedown moves. There's even a way to not have to kill anyone (except the bosses)! The bosses are probably the biggest letdown, as they were actually contracted out to a 3rd party, and so don't quite flow with the rest of the game. They're not terrible, but they just kill the flow a bit. I don't regret a second of playtime (except where I was supposed to do chores and got in trouble).


Showing its age in graphics, holds it own in experience!

radenthefridge | March 25, 2014 | Review of Deus Ex Game of the Year Edition Steam - PC

This is a wonderful game with a great story and RPG elements. Despite its age, this game was far ahead of its time. Each scenario has so many ways to go about it, and how many games, even today, let you break down doors? They have a health bar and everything! The hardest part is trying to assign upgrade points when you don't know what lies ahead, but isn't that part of the fun too?


Some parts better, some parts worse

radenthefridge | March 25, 2014 | Review of Deus Ex Invisible War Steam - PC

The RPG elements were really stripped down (or streamlined, depending on your view) and tried to focus more on the action. I was very engaged by the story and setting, and the gameplay itself wasn't too bad. I'm doing my best to prevent spoilers for any who haven't played, but I'd recommend the original just for story's sake!


Great game, spooky enough for us wimps!

radenthefridge | March 24, 2014 | Review of Alan Wake - PC

For the hardcore horror fans, this may seem like a tickle compared to far more gruesome games, but I enjoyed it. I'd say this is a much more creeping fear, similar to H.P. Lovecraft's style of scariness. This will really hit home if you have a significant other as well. Also really liked the episodic content, and helped keep the story fresh when often games can have you forgetting what happened, who that guy is, etc.