Reviews by rafa507


Addictive just like COD: Modern Warfare

rafa507 | April 2, 2014 | Review of Titanfall - PC

Since it was made by the same great minds that brought us the first Modern Warfare, the game is addictive. It has fast gameplay and plenty of action even without the titans on the map. The graphics are not that great for a 2014 game but with all of the action on the screen you won't even notice it. The game has this thing called burn cards which are only available when you die so inorder to get that "boost" during a match, you will have to die. Anyways, the game is pretty good but the major downside is the lack of modes and there is no private matchmaking yet, should be coming on a later update


Is it "Premium"?

rafa507 | Dec. 11, 2013 | Review of Battlefield 4 Premium Edition NA - PC

I bought Premium service for battlefield 4 for 2 reasons only: DLC is cheaper if you buy premium, each one is 14.99x4= $59.96. And the "extras" that you get for being a premium member. Extras include: Server queue priority, double XP once a month, gold battlepacks and premium battlepacks once a month and other stuff that you actually get by just playing ( though it will take longer to unlock ). Now the questions that you should be asking are: - Is 49.99 worth it for the DLC maps that I might not like? (Happened to me in BF3, I ended up just playing the original maps + B2K maps). - Do I really need a "premium knife" or a "premium" paint for my weapon? - Do I need server priority when there are over 100 servers with the same game mode and map that I want to play? There are the things that you should take into consideration before spending your hard earned money into this "Premium" Service. I don't regret spending the money because I received credit for future game purchases here in GMG, but if I wouldn't have, I think I might still be considering whether the purchase would be worth it or not.


Not an improvement over BF3 but definitely worth every penny

rafa507 | Dec. 9, 2013 | Review of Battlefield 4 NA (1) - PC

First of all, I'm not a BF fan nor a COD fan, but believe when I say that BF4 is definitely 2013 shooter of the year. It's not an improvement over BF3, especially considering that right now this game is full of performance issues, client and server side, glitches and bugs too. But even after taking all of those cons into consideration, BF4 is a must buy. You'll love watching the buildings fall, a whole map getting flooded, a railway blowing up and way other LEVOLUTION stuff, it's just crazy!!!. To summarize and end this review, if you like playing shooters, with awesome graphics and sound effects and you are a team player, Battlefield 4 is the game for you. See you on the battlefield.