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rafan | Jan. 28, 2014 | Review of Aliens vs Predator Steam - PC

We have before us an interesting bet , we have a shooter every year of these creatures , despite anything , certainly offer an alternative to what we are accustomed. We have the opportunity to limit ourselves to handle the Marines , which would be the more traditional view , firearms , first aid kits to suit and infinite funk. Being an alien will give us the feeling of being the bastard mother f***er who has bore the universe that loads everything moving his disgusting and smelly imagine race through the universe . Instead, the predator put you in the shoes of Ezio hyperspace , a stealthy , meticulous and ruthless murderer that kills everything armed or that attack you . As a fan of the predator movies , the first thing I grabbed was the predator , what a creature , Petite sensations when you picked it up , but after a while you get bored a bit and realize that the gameplay is actually somewhat coarse and repetitive. Invisibility is basically useless in 70 % of cases are limited to superjump where you tell the little circle ( a test of skill in this regard would have been luxury ). In short , we are the predator , we kill a lot , we have super technology , but we have to kill with stealth the Marines. Ultimately , however neutered they are, everything is pretty consistent , you jump with one button, you become invisible in another ( thermal sight you use it a little), you want the charges with your favourite weapon . If you run out of ammo , nothing happens, a clean knife should do . In short, the game suffers from the same, good intentions that stay on a good but ultimately you just tired result , best of all , the sound makes up a little more funk .