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Not a mindless hack n' slash.

rallywrx | May 10, 2014 | Review of Bound By Flame - PC

The Short of it: Great aRpg experience from an indie studio that will no doubt provide a challenge and will really flow once you figure out combat. This game really wants you to use everything at your disposal from traps to timed parries and dodges down to timing your clicks for attacks. Using WASD to switch directions on the fly. No button mashing! When executed properly it is very fluid. You need to use crafting and spending talent points to give yourself the edge in combat. It plays sort of like Dark Souls and Witcher but not too much like either. -New weapons/armors are reflected in your appearance and crafting adds visible attachments to those as well. Progression feels very solid when it comes to character power and gear. -The game has great character models and pretty nice graphics bundled up with an amazing soundtrack, that really helps to put me into the awesome atmosphere. -Voice acting is good although a little off and awkward in spots. So far the story is pretty good and I find myself glued to the game. -The world is like that of witcher 2 with town hubs leading to combat/quest areas. Small things I really appreciated were: Being able to remove the minimap with the F key and fading HUD out of combat. The sprinting is unlimited out of combat. The tutorial is something you can disable from the start. Overall a huge step forward from the dev's of Mars war logs. Which I enjoyed as well. But this is worlds apart from that.