Reviews by ramibiz21


A mediocre hack and slash

ramibiz21 | Aug. 8, 2015 | Review of Ryse Son of Rome - PC

Graphics are impressive but the gameplay becomes too repetitive, especially by the midpoint of the game. The upgrades you get for levelling up don't seem to do all that much, at least no real new attack moves. There is also not enough interaction with the environment, mostly just dull smashing of pots. The story is serviceable and predictable but it is the only thing that kept me going in the game. There is some fun to be had, but overall there are better choices in the genre.


Great story driven game

ramibiz21 | Jan. 28, 2014 | Review of BioShock Infinite ANZ Post - PC

This is a superb AAA title with stylish and often breathtaking graphics and decent gameplay. However it is the mysterious and well-written story and wonderfully depicted characters that keeps you playing. Gameplay is adequate but not as good as top-rated shooters, mainly because of the lack of challenge as there is no real consequence for dying. It is designed perfectly though to support the story, right through to the thought-provoking conclusion, which contains a nice moment for fans of the previous games in the series. Highly recommended.


For all mage fans

ramibiz21 | May 19, 2011 | Review of Magicka - PC

If you always like choosing the mage class in RPGs because of all the cool spells and many different ways of killing your opponents, then Magicka is the game for you. There are a countless number of different spell combinations with half the fun just experimenting to find your favourites and unleashing them in battle. Graphics are more than serviceable and very charming. The single player campaign is tough, even for veteran gamers, due to the often high number of enemies you encounter at once, and your relatively weak defence (at least in the beginning). However the story is quite entertaining. Gameplay can be summed up as being original, and sometimes hectic due to the number of keystrokes required to cast a spell, but always a lot of fun. The only minor annoyances I found were the inability to save your progress mid level (since you will always start at the beginning of the saved level if you restart the game) and being pushed off a cliff once too often causing instant death. I have not tried multi player yet, but I would highly recommend Magicka, even for the single player alone and for the great gameplay and value for money.