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Epitomy of sandbox gaming.

rasitha_raw | Oct. 13, 2011 | Review of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas - PC

Rockstar has always been the leader in sandbox gaming with their GTA franchise. From top down GTA1 to redefining the genre in GTA3 it always became bigger better and badder with every new release. And GTA San Andreas is the King! It has a vast world bigger than any ive seen in another video game. The best part is you dont even go through a loading screen when going from one corner to another. There are so many little things to collect and challenges to do, from finding oysters in swimming pools to doing stunts with your BMX. You will never find it boring in San Andreas. And here i was only talking about things you can do apart from the story missions. And the story missions were great. The story was funny & entertaining. Missions were diverse (Unlike the same filler missions in GTA4) And overall gave a great bang for your buck. I highly recommend picking this over any other GTA title, it is at the top of the top sandbox games ever released and you will find that once you get in its almost impossible to stop.


Not really sandbox but fun nevertheless.

rasitha_raw | Sept. 2, 2011 | Review of Assassins Creed - PC

Assassins creed is great as a whole franchise. So if you are interested you will have to buy the whole set to really enjoy it. This being the first of the series this is where you will want to start off. First of all i must tell you its a beautiful game. Although its a couple of years behind as a game the graphics are as top notch as any of the 2011 games. The architecture and the overall environment, its people and lighting effects are beautifully rendered immersing you in the era of the holy wars. Although it is classified as sand box, the missions and tasks you can do beside the story missions are a little repetitive. So what i did was always do the minimum amount of non story missions and always tried to keep moving with the story. And that doesnt really make you complete the game very quickly. So you will still have hours of fun with it. And the story is engrossing. No doubt. But it can be a little confusing. Specially with the ending. But still the way it ends just makes you want to buy assasins creed 2, because thats exactly where it starts off. So my recommendation is buy this, and if you even slightly enjoy this, buy the second, and the third and pre order the fourth.


Bit like siberia, but with a scarier atmosphere

rasitha_raw | Aug. 31, 2011 | Review of Dracula 3 Path of the Dragon - PC

This game reminds me a lot about siberia, it has the same type of atmosphere, but a lot scarier. the story is a bit confusing at times but delivers in the end. The puzzle element is where it really shines though. Its quite hard, but sometimes it feels quite unintuitive. Graphics, music are all average but for the price its not too bad. If you are fan of the Dracula universe and specially if you see this game at a discount you might want to check it out.


epic western drama of love ,friendship and betrayal

rasitha_raw | Aug. 30, 2011 | Review of Call of Juarez Bound in Blood - PC

If you ever played a game for its story, you should play this one.It has one of the most enchanting wild west stories ever to feature in a game. Set as a prequel to the original call of juarez, it revolves around the 3 McCall brothers Ray, Thomas and Williams. ray and thomas feature as playable characters as williams narrates the story.I do not want to spoil the story for you so will not go into details, but once you get into the game you will always keep coming back until you finish the game because you will always want to know what happens next. But no great story in a game is not enjoyable if not for its gameplay.Call of Juarez is not just your typical fps shooter, it emplyes several gameplay mechanics to differentiate itself from all the other fps's that flood the market these days. First there is the ability to play most of the game through either ray's POV or thomas's POV. This gives the game automatic replayability. Then there is the slow mo shooting sequences. Before entering intense shooting episodes, both ray and thomas enter their unique styles of slow-mo shooting, these are fun to pull off and decides how many baddies you have to fight when the sequence ends. Aside from these unique gameplay elements Call of juarez Bound in blood, is a solid fps shooter. It has eye catching graphics, smooth animations and solid AI making this game a overall enjoyable experience. Although the game may not win any awards, Its a worthwhile investment to try this out for its story alone.


Super hard but ultimately satisfying

rasitha_raw | Aug. 27, 2011 | Review of Super Meat Boy - PC

SMB is one of the most difficult games i have played. The side scrolling platformer has the simple game mechanic of jumping to avoid obstacles and a very few control buttons.(run and jump) But dont let that fool you,its a very complicated and varied game. All the new levels have a uniqueness to them and youll never feel like you are repeating the same task. Between the 100s of unlocks and multitudes of different obstacles which require different strategies, youll always have a challenge on your hands. The only downside to the game is that its extremely difficult at times and you get really frustrated. But once you pass the level, it makes it so much more rewarding. But you may want to do some research into this game before you buy it, because for some, at times it can be too frustrating.