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Ridiculous, in a Good Way

realityhack | Dec. 29, 2012 | Review of Saints Row The Third The Full Package - PC

Saints Row: The Third presents you with an open world that allows you to do a wide variety of activities, ranging from mundane things like buying properties, to absurd ones such as streaking and handstand-surfing on cars as they drive down the highway. The combat is fun, particularly the range of melee takedowns and beatdowns available which vary depending on whether you're unarmed or are holding a melee weapon. Similar to the activities available, the weapons range from standards such as pistols, shotguns and machine guns, to wacky ones such as the Shark-O-Matic (DLC), which launches an underground shark attack at your enemies. The storyline is ridiculous in an over-the-top action film kind of way, but the fact that the game is aware of this, and doesn't take itself seriously, makes it entertaining. The main plot will take you to different sections of the world, engaging each of Steelport's gangs. The main entertainment of the game really comes between each of the main missions as you're free to roam the city playing mini-games, stealing and customizing cars, and taking control of the various districts. The three DLC missions included in "The Full Package" are fairly forgettable, but are still entertaining to play through. The rest of the DLC content comes as extra outfits, vehicles and weapons. Nice to have, but not essential. The standout DLC pack is probably the Nyteblade pack, due to the vehicles. Saints Row: The Third draws comparisons with the GTA franchise, but really they're quite different games. The GTA games try to create a realistic city setting filled with interesting characters, whereas Saint's Row creates a city where you're free to run around wrecking havoc. So long as you don't go into Saints Row: The Third expecting a gripping storyline and deep characters you're bound to have a good time. The ability to play through the game cooperatively with a friend also adds loads of replayability as well as adding an extra dimension of entertainment as well. Overall: Well worth a purchase.