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Welcome to Rapt… I mean Columbia!

realnatedogg911 | Aug. 4, 2013 | Review of BioShock Infinite NA Post - PC

My review from Cryptic Games: In Bioshock Infinite, you step out of the dark of Rapture and enter into the bright fun world of Columbia. You are cast in the role of Booker Dewitt, a man on a mission to find a girl. You’re thrown into this new world, it’s shocking at first compared to the depths of the sea, but the new environments really grow on you. Some of the most fun I had in this game, was sky-hooking. At times I found myself just going back and forth along the skylines, jumping from line to line or hook to hook. It can be quite distracting, but can also prove very useful in combat. One of the only things I miss about the first two Bioshocks, are the mini-games. They really should have left in some sort of mini-games, like lockpicking. Oh wait, you can play some little carnival games… but they’re only mildly entertaining and pointless after you beat them. The story is awesome, and it throws quite a few twists and turns at you, so be ready to run all over the place. Infinite is filled with some new goodies, but it’s also missing some of the old. There are no more Big Daddies, but rather Handymen. Sadly, Handymen really aren’t that great of a replacement. Plasmids are now called Vigors, which you get a whole new set of Vigors to play with. You now have something new to look for in the game, Gear! Throughout the game you’ll find various types of gear, such as hats,vests, pants and boots, each will give you some sort of passive buff. You may see Elizabeth as a typical damsel in distress, but she can be quite the opposite. At times Elizabeth will actually help you out by throwing you a coin, ammo or even health which can really come in handy. She also has her own abilities, like Tears, which add a whole new dimension to the game. The two weapon limit didn’t get on my nerves, but it got on my friends, so if you want to be able to carry around a bunch of guns, you won’t be able to. A change of scenery wasn’t necessarily needed in the Bioshock franchise, but that’s exactly what we got. The new world of Columbia is beautifully vibrant, especially compared to the dark and gloomy depths of Rapture. The floating platforms in the sky are amazing to look at, especially since each city block is built on a separate platform, instead of everything thrown on one giant floating platform. Throughout the game you’ll go from light to dark, fun to sad, and back again. They could have added some more character models though, sometimes it seemed like I was passing the same person five times while walking down the street. The beaches were one of my favorite places in Columbia, the water just flows right of the edge of the floating platforms. I can’t really say much for the textures, even playing on Ultra, but I really loved the lighting, inside and out. With a creature called the Song Bird, how could this game not have great audio. The music really sets the mood, even if it’s a song like Fortunate Son from CCR. And if the frightening call of the Song Bird doesn’t scare you, the Boys of Silence might, one of them sure scared me. The witty banter between Elizabeth and Booker is great, it really shows the stubbornness of both of them and the child-like innocence of her. You can even listen to the soundtrack here: Bioshock Infinite Soundtrack. If you played on a difficulty lower than 1999 Mode, you may find yourself wanting to play the game over again just to test your might. For those who consider themselves achievement hunters, you might want to replay the game just to find anything you missed on your first playthrough, like some gear. Oh brother, isn’t Bioshock Infinite just a wonderful game? It’s exciting and fun. It’s challenging! It’s beautiful! And at times, it can be confusing! It’s an excellent game and deserves the attention of most gamers, especially FPS or story-driven gamers. The ending is pretty much a complete “mind fuck” and may be confusing for some. Don’t forget to wait for after the credits, or look it up on YouTube if you’re impatient like me.


Game over, man!

realnatedogg911 | Aug. 4, 2013 | Review of Aliens Colonial Marines - PC

Though Aliens: Colonial Marines is getting a huge amount of bad reviews, it’s not an extremely bad game. Some of you may be thinking the whole point of the game was to kill a bunch of Xenomorphs and defeat the Queen, but it’s a little more than that. It may be lacking graphically, which sadly a lot of games are nowadays, and the story may be short, but it has some great points of nostalgia. Yes, you have the Xenomorphs and the queen and every other iconic creature from the Alien movies, such as Facehuggers, but Xenomorphs aren’t the only threat in this game. There is also the Weyland Utani, and actually, the Weyland Utani play a huge role in the game, as well as adding some variety to the gameplay so that you’re not just fighting through hordes of Xenos. Easter Eggs, like Hicks’ shotgun, are sprinkled throughout the campaign and add a great deal of nostalgia, which I found to be quite entertaining. Sadly though, the story seems to end abruptly and seems unfinished, and considering the game was delayed that’s horrifyingly surprising. The gameplay is fast paced, with occasional tasks taking a little longer than most, e.g. the dreaded “fetch quests”. AI are horribly programmed, with teammates blowing up explosive barrels every once in a while and setting you back to the last checkpoint, and checkpoints aren’t very abundant. Oh, and enemy AI can shoot through walls, which is super fun! (If you couldn’t tell, that was sarcasm.) Also, I played the game on Normal difficulty and the enemies proved to be semi-difficult at times, so I’d imagine they’re pretty hard on the highest difficulty. The multiplayer is also pretty fun, especially playing as the Xenos, they have some pretty cool abilities. You can also level up and customize your weapons and loadouts in multiplayer which allows for some variety. The multiplayer includes 4 modes: TDM, Extermination, Escape and Survivor which can be played on 9 maps. “They’re coming outta the goddamn walls.” – Hudson The games models, textures and animations are way behind the times. The cinematics are about 5 years behind and don’t seem to sync up very well, nor do they transition smoothly. While the rest of the game pretty much looks like it should have come out in 2008, oh wait, that’s when they announced the delay the first time… Although, I’d say the lighting is quite nice, and with the brightness turned down it’s a little startling when you’re pounced on by an unexpected Xeno. Ahh, the sound effects, they’re awesome. The sound of the pulse rifle has got to be one of my favorite sound effects in any game and the Xeno hiss is up there with the Predator click as one of the scariest sounds of all time. The rest of the sounds though weren’t very memorable, there’s nothing really special about them. The dialog was a bit weak especially outside of the cutscenes. But I did find the stories that Audio Logs tell to be interesting, especially the one about Newt’s family. “They mostly come at night… mostly.” – Newt This game has little to no replay value when it comes to campaign, but multiplayer can be played for a while. With tons of leveling and customizing to do, the multiplayer rivals that of current games, especially the garbage that is MW3. So, with a seemingly unfinished story, not so cutting-edge graphics by any means, and a laughably easy last mission it doesn’t have much of a chance. But, for a fan of the Alien franchise, this is one of the more authentic games out there. The multiplayer redeems the game itself by offering a Left 4 Dead-like experience, with Marines vs. Xenomorphs. And, the nostalgia was enough to make me buy the game. Overall, it was a fun game, but nothing amazing.


87 Bazillion…Everything!

realnatedogg911 | Aug. 4, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 NA Overflow 1 - PC

My review from Cryptic Games: Welcome, Vault Hunter, to Pandora. In Borderlands 2 you choose between four classes, Zer0 the Assassin, Maya the Siren, Salvador the Gunzerker, or Axton the Commando, to fight and free Pandora from the clutches of Handsome Jack. If you love horrible tyrannical dictators, you’ll love Handsome Jack, because he is just that. Being a fan of the first game and the shooter genre as a whole, I had high hopes for this game, and they were happily met, if not exceeded. This game is loads of fun, especially with a group of friends. I love the run ‘n gun style of this franchise, and Borderlands 2 allows you to stay on the move constantly. From the seemingly endless slaughter of enemies to the “limitless” loot and even pop culture references, such as Minecraft or four certain pizza eating mutants, I’ve had an amazing time. You’ll also see lots of familiar faces, like Claptrap. I plan on playing this game for a long time, especially with a new class (Gaige the Mechromancer) and DLC on it’s way. Control wise, the game plays just like the first Borderlands, as well as many other first person shooters. Although they did get rid of weapon proficiencies, the skill trees are much more diverse and with the addition of the Badass Tokens you have much more control over the way your character turns out. As for weapons, they did remove some manufacturers (Atlas, S&S Munitions, and Gearbox), but also added Bandit weapons and the new Slag element. Sadly, it seems that there are less loot chests, which could be a good thing, because it makes the hunt for loot much more satisfying. They even added loads more enemy types, including Hyperion robots and the Bullymongs. If you like the comic bookish art style of the game, you’ll love the graphics, they’re crisp and vibrant. With the addition of new, more colorful environments, from the arctic tundra to corrosive caverns, it makes the game much more appealing to the eyes than the first. More weapon models were also added, making the weapons more unique, as well as new gun skins and enemy skins. Your character even has customizable heads and skins. The music choices and the sound effects are great, although the intro song is not to my liking. The voice acting isn’t amazing, but it’s supposed to be a little cheesy at times. This may be good or bad, but Claptrap is still the annoying, yet lovable robot he was in the original Borderlands. This game has a lot of replay value. With about 19 Main quests and 72 Side quests, the four classes (five with Gaige), and the hunt for better loot, you can play this game for days without getting bored. And to top it all off, with the Season Pass, you’ll get four DLC packs to freshen up the game even more. Borderlands 2 builds on the Borderlands setting and even gives a back story to the original game, which is great considering the first’s lack of story. The story is great and the ending is completely amazing, probably one of the best endings yet in a video game. Overall I’d give it a 10 out of 10, this game is amazingly badass and should be a definite buy for all shooter fans. Now go “catch-a-ride” and get this game!