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redlady360 | Nov. 19, 2013 | Review of Reus - PC

I wanted this game for some time and finally got it. I love the game though the tutorials drag on a bit. You have missions/achievements you're suppose to try and get to improve skills your giants have. It can be repetitive but its a good game and honestly if I didn't have a alarm on my phone to tell me to go eat I probably would still be sat at my computer playing the game.



redlady360 | Nov. 19, 2013 | Review of Bioshock Infinite Season Pass - PC

I rated this 85 because of how long it took for the main DLC to be out from this season pass but I can't say I was disappointed with the final result of part 1 of Burial at Sea. It's brilliant and honestly you're saving money by buying the season pass rather than each of the dlc separately. Clash of the clouds is also good dlc if you like challenges but personally I bought the season pass for Burial at Sea and if you like the main game then you shouldn't be disappointed with Burial at sea. I personally worked a few plots out at the start of it but my brother didn't. However it still surprised me like the main game did.


Fun game

redlady360 | May 1, 2013 | Review of Chivalry Medieval Warfare NEW - PC

Chivalry is such a fun game to play and cracks me up quite a bit when you hear your character calling out taunts, or when you're aiming for a archer and suddenly die because you were so focussed on the archer you didn't realise you were getting attacked from behind. I'd give it a 100 if only it didn't have a few bugs but honestly I can look past them and the only one I've really noticed isn't a major thing. Its fun to play with your friends or on your own against others on the servers. From free for all to team objectives they all are fun, though I suggest playing free for all to get use to the game a bit. Its good training free for all and well I find it better to do that than the actual training mode as you have more than one person coming at you which helps you learn how to block easier. It took me some time to get use to when the game auto balances teams as I'm not one who focusses on the chat box in a game and that is where it tells you that you've switched teams. However that's more my fault than the game. Overall I just love the game and its fun to play.


Great MMO

redlady360 | May 1, 2013 | Review of Guild Wars 2 Digital Edition (1) - PC

Now I've played a few MMO's and got bored of them quickly because in general they are all pretty much the same just with different names and settings. However for me Guild Wars 2 is a lot better than other MMO's as it is different in my opinion. You can get far on your own in the game but its fun to team with others helping each other on your main story quests or any other quests. Another bonus is if you're doing the same story quests you can either repeat them or accept that you've done the mission, which helps if you don't really want to repeat the same mission again. If you're the sort who likes exploring every corner of a map then you'll enjoy doing so on Guild wars 2 (I myself have enjoyed it) as the areas are detailed and nice places to discover. I have yet to play PvP but plan to do so later on as at the moment I am quite content exploring, defeating monsters and generally levelling up. But if you have friends who like playing MMO's then it (as it was for me) hopefully should be fun to play with each other.