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Good Game - Great Value

redmangamerx311 | Nov. 2, 2013 | Review of Guild Wars 2 Digital Edition NA Overflow 1 - PC

Guild Wars 2 has a lot to offer for what it costs. There is structured PvP that you can play as soon as you finish the new character tutorial, world versus world which is also immediately accessible (although better experienced at 80 with friends), several five man PvE dungeons, world events from small tasks that can be solo'd to dragons that require a raid, Guild events, jump puzzles, a personal(ized) story, a home instance, and activities (crab toss, belcher's bluff, and a few more). Guild Wars 2 has no dedicated healers or tanks and its combat is action oriented requiring players to constantly position and dodge. I think Guild Wars 2's biggest downfall is a lack of communication from the dev team, a lack of consistent direction for the game's development, and the inability to address player concerns in a timely manner. It took a full year to develop the looking for group tool and it will be some time longer before we have a customizable game client, never mind the often blinding overuse of particle effects that make timing your dodge or even finding the rear side of a monster often impossible. Guild Wars 2 is well worth the money despite a few nagging issues but misses the mark of feeling like a true MMO. Instant travel makes the world feel small and insignificant. Lack of EQ style factions make your actions feel meaningless. Being able to do almost anything either with or without direct cooperation and coordination of other players is both positive in that you never feel like you have to schedule your real life around the game but negative in that you never feel truly needed by the other players. I gave Guild Wars 2 an A- (90/100) rating due to the extreme value as a game even though it misses the mark of being a great MMO.