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reeko1 | May 8, 2014 | Review of Space Engineers - PC

If you are a fan of minecraft and Kerbal Space Program, this game might be for you. It is an interesting mix of crafting, and combat that differentiates itself fairly well right now through it's unique crafting system. Like minecraft, you gather resources then refine them into the base parts you need, however in space engineers there is another step that makes all the difference. To build a block of any type you must first place down scaffolding, giving spacecraft and ships a very industrial, mechanical feel while in production. From there you must weld it together, gradually assembling the block desired. While this may seem like a small change, it makes a world of difference. Quick repairs are neigh impossible, and under threat of asteroids in survival it makes for a very harrowing experience. The combat should be praised as it is not health bar based, instead it is a more realistic damage system focusing on the components of ships rather than the ship as a whole meaning that spacecraft dogfights are won through damaging key components, and smart fighting. It should also be mentioned that this game has a fully featured destruction system that is fairly impressive, capable of warping blocks drastically. Overall, a title to watch for, but I can only recommend it to people who are very sure they will like it as it is lacking variety in its block selection. As of now most of the parts are for spacecraft only, and I hope to see more emerge for base building.