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A blast from the past with a fresh new perspective

reggs12 | Aug. 31, 2013 | Review of Castlevania Lord of the Shadows Ultimate Edition - PC

One of my fondest memories was playing Castlevania 2 on the Nintendo when I was a wee little boy. The original Castlevania was great for it's time but lacked the depth of it's sequel. Fast forward two decades later and you have what could be arguably called a God of War clone but is that necessarily a bad thing? The game plays with a refined sense of control that will have you using your trusty whip to dispatch of enemies while rolling out of the way of many unblockable attacks. At Castlevania even feels more fluid than a God of War but lacks some of the graphical polish of the latter. There are also times where the camera feels a bit further away than it should but it seems the developer was going with a set piece style level design instead of something more akin to a third person action adventure where you are allowed to move your view around. A huge bonus for setting the mood of this game is the inclusion of Patrick Stewart (of Star Trek Fame) voiceovers that give it a really creepy gothic feel only Sir Stewart can deliver. The upgrade system consists of the usual getting points by playing levels and then spending them to expand your repertoire of combat moves. Overall the game has some aliasing issues graphically but the gameplay is top notch. If your were looking for good time to get back into the Castlevania universe you can't go wrong with this title.